Posted April 21, 2020

Sexual Harassment Scenarios in the Workplace

In an attempt to define the term sexual harassment, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) describes it as “any unwelcome sexual advances, or other visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature and actions that create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment based on an employee’s sex.” Despite years of attention […]

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Posted March 31, 2020

What to Look for When Choosing A Lawyer/Law Firm for You?

Did you know that there are 1.35 million lawyers in the United States? And this number is continually increasing yearly. With millions of lawyers in the US, choosing the right lawyer or law firm for your case can be a daunting task. You must remember there is no lawyer that is the perfect for every […]

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Posted November 15, 2019

The House Passes Bill to Protect Federal Workers From Sexual Harassment

After almost a year of discussion on the matter, the House and Senate were able to reach an agreement on how to approach the issue of sexual harassment in the government body. The legislation got approved last year in December 2018, and is expected to be signed by President Donald Trump, who has himself been […]

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Posted November 13, 2019

Sexual Allegations Against Several Powerful Men Surface After Harvey Weinstein

Once the sexual allegations against the movie producer Harvey Weinstein became public news, reports of new accusations on many other powerful men from different industries started emerging rapidly on different platforms. It soon became the talk of the town as #MeToo stories filled social media platforms. With many famous actresses and actors sharing their own […]

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Posted November 12, 2019

Former NBC Employees Released From NDAs Stopping Them to Talk About Sexual Harassment

Recently, NBC Universal issued a statement that specified that former employees of NBC are now allowed to publicly share their personal experiences about suffering from sexual harassment at the workplace. The company stated that it plans to free previous staff members from nondisclosure agreements that might have prevented them from speaking up regarding incidents of […]

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Posted November 11, 2019

AFGE President J. David Cox Accused of Sexual Harassment

31-year-old Brett Copeland, working at the biggest U.S. federal employee union, was recently promoted to the role of communications director. Shortly after the promotion, in April 2017, Copeland was attending a meeting in Palm Springs with the 66-year-old head of the union, J. David Cox. It was after the meeting that the incident took place, […]

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Posted November 10, 2019

Promotion In Line for Union Official Previously Accused of Harassment

In 2003, Tyrék D. Lee Sr. was working as a telephone operator at a hospital before he joined the 1199SEIU. By 2016, he had become the union’s executive vice president. At the age of 38, he had managed to be the first black man to be leading a statewide union in Massachusetts. However, towards the […]

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Posted November 5, 2019

$20 Million Awarded to U.S. Police Officer Told to ‘Tone Down Gayness’

The Missouri police officer, Sgt. Keith Wildhaber of the St. Louis County Police Department, has served the force for 22 long years. Before he joined the St. Louis County Police Department in 1994, he was a part of the U.S. Army for 4 years. After 5 years in the detective bureau, he was promoted to […]

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Posted June 5, 2018

When Reporting to the Company Fails, Where Do Sexual Harassment Victims Turn?

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing requires supervisors in any company with 50 or more employees to undergo two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years. And while this training may go a long way in educating employees on the dos and don’ts of sexual harassment, it simply is not enough […]

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