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Anaheim Employment Lawyer

I'm Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky. If you need help resolving an employment dispute or recovering from an injury caused by another, don't hestitate to contact our office. Schedule Your Free Consultation Call (714) 409-8991
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Our Anaheim employment lawyers help employees who are facing issues that impact their ability to work such as discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination. Our employment attorneys have knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations and laws protecting employees.

The employment opportunities in Anaheim, CA are diverse and rewarding. With our amusement outlets serving as a beacon of entertainment for travelers around the world, Eldessouky Law focuses on the importance of our Orange County employees’ rights and fair treatment through legal representation that seeks to protect their workplace experience.

An Anaheim employment lawyer can help employees with issues such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage & hour disputes.

Anaheim is the tenth most populous city in California, home to over 336,000 residents who work hard to enjoy the sunny lifestyle our state affords. When their rights are violated at work, our Anaheim employment law attorney, Mohamed Eldessouky, provides exceptional legal representation that delivers results. No matter which company you work for, or how large and powerful their legal team may appear, our Anaheim employment attorney will fight for your rights—all of which are outlined by the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency.

If you have questions about your rights as an employee in California or wish to discuss your case confidentially with one of our experienced California employment attorneys, contact our office at 714-409-8991 or fill out one of our contact forms online.

Largest Employers in Anaheim, CA

Disneyland is systematically tied to Anaheim’s culture and the first thing most people think of when our city is mentioned in passing. As the largest employer, the connotation isn’t unfounded. However, there are additional and exceptional employment opportunities in our community that allow our clients to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

When those conditions are jeopardized by employment law violations, our Anaheim employment attorney focuses on righting the wrongs implemented by the employer, no matter their size or corporate connection.

The largest employers in Anaheim, CA include:

It is important for Anaheim employees to understand that you do not have to work for a large corporation for your rights to be violated. If you believe you are suffering from an injustice in any capacity, we want to hear your story today.

Employment Law Practice Areas in Anaheim, CA: Eldessouky Law

At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney in Anaheim, CA is devoted to upholding the law, and protecting employees from damaging workplace behavior.

Our employment law practice areas include:

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Employment Law Explanations & Protection in Anaheim, CA

Work is more than just a place where we make money to support ourselves and our families. It is also the place we spend more than half of our time each week, not including timely commutes. California employees have a right to expect a safe workplace where they can do their jobs without violation. Unfortunately, these intrusions do occur, and someone must be held responsible for them. That’s where our firm comes in.

Understanding the Components of a Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environments are created by more than an employee who talks too loudly on the phone. Legally, the behavior must alter the conditions, terms, or reasonable expectations of comfort in a working environment.

According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the hostile nature must be represented by:

  • Discrimination, including factors concerning:
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Race
    • Nationality
    • Disability
    • Sex
    • Sexual orientation
  • Harassment of any kind, sexual or otherwise

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing bars any discrimination from being applied in any business practice, including:

  • Advertisements
  • Applications, interviews, and screening processes
  • Hiring, promoting, transferring or separating employees, and termination processes
  • During training or apprenticeship programs
  • Participation in employee organizations or unions
  • Working conditions
  • Compensation standards

These offensive factors become unlawful when they are:

  • Pervasive and long-lasting
  • Become a condition of continued employment
  • Considered abusive, intimidating or hostile
  • Conducted in retaliation for filing, testifying or participating in a discrimination investigation

The harasser who is responsible for creating a hostile environment can include a:

  • Supervisor
  • Director of a different area of the company
  • Employer agent
  • Co-workers
  • Non-employee, including vendors, customers, or contractors

According to the State of California Department of Justice, the person who is suffering in a hostile work environment does not have to be the person who is enduring direct harm, or is the target of the harassing conduct. He/she simply must be a personal witness to the circumstances that are disrupting the environment.

Eldessouky Law: Premier Retaliation & Wrongful Termination Attorney in Anaheim, CA

Losing your job is an emotional experience, and can happen for several legitimate reasons including corporate downsizing. When our Anaheim, CA residents endure proper layoff procedures, we offer severance agreement protections and enforcement to ensure the process is completed lawfully.

When our clients suffer from wrongful termination procedures, we take exception to the unlawful tactics the employer implements and focus our claim on the financial recovery our clients deserve.

The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement outlines violations under retaliation or wrongful termination as an employee being unlawfully:

  • Discharged
  • Threatened with discharge
  • Demoted
  • Disciplined
  • Suspended
  • Discriminated or retaliated against

Protected activities that employees can engage in, include:

  • Filing or threatening to file a wage claim
  • Taking time off to serve as a juror
  • Recording a safety or health hazard complaint
  • Refusing to perform hazardous work

If you believe you have been retaliated against for protected behavior or were wrongfully terminated, our employment law attorney in Anaheim, CA wants to hear from you today. We can help you compile a case against your employer, and guide you through the legal process with confidence.

Contact Our Employment Law Attorney in Anaheim, CA Today for a Free Consultation

At Eldessouky Law, our California employment law attorneys work diligently to protect employee rights to ensure you are receiving the proper treatment, pay, and progressive protections the State of California affords.

If you feel your workplace rights have been violated in any capacity, contact our Anaheim employment lawyer today for a free consultation at 714-409-8991. We will fully review your case, and provide you with the information you need to move forward with a claim against your employer. Call us today to begin holding your company responsible for their unlawful behavior, and get the financial and emotional redemption you deserve.

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