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Case Results

$1,140,000.00 for Disability Discrimination and Unreasonable Accommodation for a Registered Nurse who worked at Hospital.

$390,000.00 for Wrongful Termination of an employee who complained of Gender Based Discrimination.

$325,000.00 for Disability Discrimination and Failure to Accommodate a Nurse.

$315,000.00 for Failure to Prevent Harassment and Wrongful Termination.

$250,000.00 for Wrongful Termination and Age Discrimination under the pretenses of a layoff.

$169,000.00 – Wrongful Termination of day laborer, only employed for 3 months

$140,000.00 2 months before trial. Religious and Racial discrimination against one of the nation’s largest retailers.

$120,000.00 – Auto Accident case where our client (driver) was at fault according to police report and was assigned over 50% at fault by his own insurance company. Through our diligent efforts, Eldessouky Law was able to obtain full policy limits despite these difficult hurdles.

$100,000.00 for harassment of senior employee of major amusement park.

$85,000.00 for Unpaid Wages and Retaliation

$80,000.00 for sexual harassment against warehouse employee.

$75,000.00 for unpaid wages of restaurant employee.

$70,000.00 for Disability Discrimination against nurse employee for major hospital.

$65,000.00 for Disability Discrimination against salesperson at furniture outlet.

$65,000.00 for misclassification of independent worker and unpaid wages for sales employee.

$45,000.00 early settlement for emotional distress damages for employee still employed and not terminated by Employer.

Severance Agreements – We get great results without having to file a lawsuit.

Original offer started at $34,000.00, Eldessouky Law negotiated to $110,000.00

Original Offer started at $17,000.00, Eldessouky Law negotiated up to $48,000.00

Original Offer started at $18,000.00 Eldessouky Law negotiated to $90,000.00

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