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The state of California and the city of Santa Monica have their own laws and regulations when it comes to employment. These laws are designed to protect employees from unfair treatment and to ensure that they are able to receive the wages and benefits that they are entitled to. If you believe that your employer has violated your rights, you may be able to file a claim against them. An experienced Santa Monica employment lawyer can help you to understand your rights and options, and can represent you in court if necessary.

If you were terminated at work simply because of your race, national origin, age or other discriminatory reasons, you may have a right to compensation. Employment law attorney, Mohamed Eldessouky, is experienced at litigatingcommon workplace violations employees face in Santa Monica, CA. Mr Eldessouky has fought for employees in all positions and workplaces in Santa Monica, helping them secure justice and compensation for the harm they have suffered.

California employment laws expressly protect the rights of employees in Santa Monica. These laws safeguard workers’ rights and impose obligations on employers to ensure their employees are free from unsafe or unfair workplace conditions. If you are being mistreated at work in any capacity, talk to our Santa Monica, CA employment and racial discrimination attorney today.

If you have questions about your rights as an employee in California or wish to discuss your case confidentially with one of our experienced California employment attorneys, contact our office at 714-409-8991 or fill out one of our contact forms online.

What Kinds of Discriminatory Acts Am I Protected Against?

Discrimination can occur in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, it can be subtle, and other times, it can be direct. But these acts will generally be either an adverse employment action or they would amount to harassment. Adverse employment actions include those acts that directly interfere with your job performance or career advancement. For instance, demoting you, denying you raises or benefits you have earned or terminating your employment.

Even if the discriminatory acts are in the form of insults or use of racial slurs against you, they can still be actionable. In this situation, they would amount to harassment, which is illegal in all California workplaces. You are entitled to sue and put a stop to this action especially if the harassment creates a hostile work environment that makes it harder to do your job.

Proving Racial Discrimination in Santa Monica, CA

Due to the various ways in which racial discrimination can occur, it can often be difficult to prove. But no matter how it occurs, it is required to be “material”, such as when you were fired because of your race or national origin. On other occasions, it can be much more indirect, such as in the form isolated instances of abuse or seemingly minor acts that may not amount to much taken alone.

This does not mean you must continue to endure the abuse though. In situations where discriminatory acts are isolated or seemingly minor, it is possible to establish a “pattern of conduct”. This means when you contact an experienced racial discrimination attorney, they can help you draw a link through those isolated incidents to prove discrimination.

Experienced Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Santa Monica, CA

At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorneys protect the rights of workers in Santa Monica, CA and throughout LA County. We understand the difficulty of dealing with unlawful conduct at work and how it can affect productivity and happiness.

No matter your employer’s or co-worker’s justification for their discriminatory conduct, you deserve a workplace free of hostility. When they break the law and subject you to racial discrimination or other unlawful conduct, it is our duty to help you hold them responsible. If your employer or co-workers are breaking the law, contact our Santa Monica wrongful termination attorney for legal guidance and representation.

Top Employers in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica is home to many notable businesses that are key to the US economy, including the RAND Corporation. These businesses provide great earning opportunities to the 89,000 residents in the city, helping them create the lives they desire.

The largest employers in Santa Monica, CA include the following:

  • City of Santa Monica: 2,528
  • Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center: 2,079
  • Santa Monica College: 1,953
  • Saint John’s Health Center: 1,676
  • Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District: 1,457
  • RAND Corporation: 842
  • Universal Music Group: 743
  • Activision Blizzard and Activision: 692
  • ET Whitehall (Shutters and Casa del Mar): 568
  • Lionsgate Entertainment: 555

California’s laws require that all these employers implement protections and policies that uphold the rights of workers. Every California worker, including employees in Santa Monica, have guaranteed employment rights and it is up to these companies to see that those rights are respected. If your employer is not doing their job and respecting your workplace rights, we want to hear your story. Schedule a free consultation with Eldessouky Law today.

How We Help Employees in the Santa Monica, California area and Beyond

Our wrongful termination attorney in Santa Monica, CA helps workers in this city enforce their workplace rights through the following practice areas:

What are you facing at work? Contact our labor law attorney today to tell us your story today. We will help you understand your rights and how to proceed against your employer to recover compensation for the hurt you have suffered.

Am I Protected Against Racial Discrimination from Co-Workers?

Although California laws expressly prohibit racial and all other types of discrimination, we still see these situations occur. The Fair Employment and Housing Act is clear on the fact that all discrimination at work is illegal, both from employer and co-workers.

The protection provided to workers under the Act is not limited to just instances where you were fired or demoted. It includes every single type of employment action that is reasonably likely to interfere with your job performance or career advancement. Yanowitz v. L’Oreal USA, Inc. (2005) 36 Cal.4th 1028, 1052–1056 [32 Cal.Rptr.3d 436, 116 P.3d 1123].

You are also protected from racial insults, slurs, degrading treatment, inappropriate jokes or any other unlawful social interactions from:

  • Your boss or employer
  • A supervisor; and
  • Co-workers

When these unlawful social interactions make it harder for you to do your job, you can file a harassment complaint. If the harassment is from a co-worker or supervisor, you can file a complaint with your employer first. But if the harassment is from your boss or employer, you may file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

What if My Employment Was Terminated Afterwards?

If your employment was terminated after you filed a complaint for racial discrimination, you may have been retaliated against. FEHA not only preserves the right of employees against discrimination, it also protects your right to complain about it.

Retaliation occurs when an employee is terminated for taking a protected action. In this case, filing a complaint against racial discrimination is an action that is protected under the law. In addition, if your employer fired you because of discriminatory reasons, you can also file a lawsuit for wrongful termination.

In these instances, it will be necessary to show that your employer’s discriminatory intent was the “substantial motivating reason” for firing you. California Jury Instructions CACI 2507. This basically means there should be a connection between your termination and your employer’s retaliatory or discriminatory intent.

Even if there were several reasons for firing you, so long as discrimination or retaliation played a part, you may have a claim for compensation. Determining when this is the case can often be tricky, and this is where our experienced racial discrimination attorney in Santa Monica can help.

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