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We work on a contingency basis, so we will not charge you a penny unless we take your case and win a settlement or a verdict. This is designed so that legal representation is affordable to everyone.

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Our trial attorneys at Eldessouky Law have a proven track record of always putting their clients first. Determined to obtain the maximum award or settlement, we stop at nothing to deliver justice. Our commitment to our community has resulted in countless workers in California obtaining significant payments for lost wages, emotional distress, and attorney fees.

Led by founder Mohamed Eldessouky, Eldessouky Law combines a thorough knowledge of the law and a passion for helping people. We deliver top-notch legal advice in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Eldessouky works with his clients to provide a full diagnostic of their legal needs.

We know that life is tough, and dealing with an issue at work  can be even tougher. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Mohamed Eldessouky is the only employment law attorney to receive the OCTLA Top Gun Award in the last 10 years.

Attorneys who have received this award have demonstrated exceptional trial skills, commitment to their clients, and dedication to the principles of legal ethics and preserving access to the civil justice system.

Orange County Trial Lawyers Association - Top Gun

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We have proven results both in the court room and through private settlements. Our team is prepared and ready to pursue all avenues of litigation for our clients. This includes 7-figure trial verdicts and arbitration awards.

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We are at our best when our clients need someone to fight for them. Our priority is always getting the maximum results that our clients need and deserve.

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We won’t charge our clients a fee unless we successfully secure a settlement or judgment. In addition, case reviews are always free.

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Practice Areas

We are a full-service California employment law & personal injury law firm. Below a list of employment law services we handle.

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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is when an employer illegally severs an employee’s contract of employment. Employment termination constitutes violations of either federal or state employment law, or breaches of terms within the employee’s contract of employment. If you were fired unfairly, do not backlash and retaliate against your employer; instead, immediately contact our wrongful termination employment lawyer at Eldessouky Law, as the matter is time-sensitive.

More About Wrongful Termination

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a grave violation that affects countless individuals, undermining their rights and well-being. If you have experienced sexual harassment in California, it’s essential to take action and protect your rights.

More About Sexual Harassment

Workplace Discrimination

If you think you may have been the victim of workplace discrimination, it’s important to understand your rights, what options are available to you, and what possible monetary damages you may be entitled to. Your suffering deserves to be compensated, and there are legal options available to you.

More About Workplace Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

In California, your boss cannot hire nor fire you based on your disability, nor can they deny you benefits or promotions. Furthermore, employers must not discriminate when it comes to job postings, interviews, wages and other workplace policies.

More About Disability Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

It is against the law for an employer to treat any worker in California negatively because of their race, color or national origin. When an employer breaches the law through unlawful conduct, they may be held liable for racial discrimination.

More About Racial Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination

As an employee, it is crucial to be aware of the laws that protect you against pregnancy discrimination in California. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when you face negative treatment at work solely because of your pregnancy status. This could manifest in various ways, such as being denied a promotion or deprived of beneficial training programs. However, it’s important to know that pregnancy discrimination is illegal both under California law, particularly The Civil Rights Department (CRD), and federal law, including the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

More About Pregnancy Discrimination


A hostile work environment may also be created when an employer’s management acts in a manner designed to make an employee quit in retaliation for some action. For example, if an employee reported safety violations at work, was injured, attempted to join a union, or reported regulatory violations by management, and management’s response was to harass and pressure the employee to quit. Employers have tried to force employees to quit by imposing unwarranted discipline, reducing hours or wages, or transferring the complaining employee to an undesirable work location. If you feel your employer is acting in retaliation, contact our workplace retaliation employment lawyer to see how you can strike back.

More About Retaliation

Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment exists when ongoing workplace behavior creates an environment that is distracting for an employee to work in due to discrimination. Violations that impose employer liability must result from direct or indirect discriminatory workplace conduct that facilitates a routinely intimidating work environment for an employee to perform in. Employer liability includes their negligence to rectify the hostile work situation, or to provide an avenue of relief for a distressed employee to alert the employer about the hostile environment. Isolated incidents with inconsequential effects are usually not considered to be statutory violations of the employment discrimination laws. If you are under hostile pressure at work, contact our hostile work environment employment attorney at Eldessouky Law to see if you can sue your way to relief.

More About Hostile Work Environment

Previous Case Results

No Fees Paid Unless We Win

  • $1.53M Trial Verdict Disability Discrimination & Unreasonable Accommodation for a Registered Nurse
  • $550K Unpaid wages for California trucking company.
  • $350K Hostile Work Environment for a long term warehouse worker.
  • $300K Wrongful termination of an employee for false arrest.
  • $390K Wrongful Termination of an employee who complained of Gender Based Discrimination.
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Meet Your Attorney

Mohamed Eldessouky

There is no case or venue that Mr. Eldessouky is unwilling to take on. Reminded every day by the stories of his clients, Mr. Eldessouky is honored that his clients trust him with their employment or personal injury cases.

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Mohamed Eldessouky
Awards and Recognitions
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Top Gun 2021
  • Superlawyers rising star 2020
  • Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
  • Rising Star Finalist 2019
  • National Trial Lawyers – Top 40 Under 40
  • American Institute of Trial Lawyers – 2019
  • Association of American Trial Lawyers – Top 100 in California
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Frequently Asked Questions

Employment Law & Personal Injury FAQs

Employment Law Office - FAQs
What type of lawyer do I need for work related issues?

You will need an employment attorney. Lawyers for employees focus on employment-related issues like being unlawfully fired, discrimination issues, employee rights violations, paycheck issues, FMLA and time off problems, and other labor law issues.

How do I find the best employment lawyer near me?

The best way to find attorneys for employees near you is to use Google search. With Google search you will be able to find the location of the employment law firm as well as reviews from real clients.

Do employment attorneys cost money up front?

Some employment lawyers may charge money upfront but, Eldessouky Law does not. Our legal aid is no cost upfront. Consultations are free & we do not charge until we win for you.

When should I get an attorney for a car accident?

Get a lawyer for a car accident as soon as possible. Of course, seek medical care first however, it is imperative that you speak to a car accident law firm before speaking to any insurance company, even your own.

How do I find the top personal injury lawyer by me to help me with an accident that I may be partially at-fault for?

The best way to find top personal injury attorneys is to do a little research. Sites like Google Maps, Avvo, and Findlaw will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Look at reviews on all these sites to help guide your choice. Most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation. We encourage you to call & ask the questions you have about your case & make sure you are comfortable with who you will be working with.

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