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Mo Eldessouky

I'm Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky. If you need help resolving an employment dispute or recovering from an injury caused by another, don't hestitate to contact our office. Schedule Your Free Consultation Call (714) 409-8991
Attorney Mo Eldessouky

Anaheim Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky: Legal Champion for All Workers

Mo EldessoukyMohamed Eldessouky knew at an early age that hardworking people need the best legal protections available. From his earliest awards for outstanding community service by the California State Senate in high school, Mr. Eldessouky continued his passion for supporting the community throughout his college years and remains honored to practice his dedication to the legal profession through today.

Always bargaining for more and showing a sincere appreciation for representing others, Mr. Eldessouky became the Student Body President at the University of California Irvine, before graduating with his law degree in 2008. This role would allow for Mr. Eldessouky to engage in state level discussions for better working conditions for instructors and students.
Today, Mr. Eldessouky continues these discussions, but now, for California employees while meeting with various elected officials to influence legislation.

After graduation, Mr. Eldessouky worked for the American Leadership Academy where he honed his skills organizing seminars and workshops with Fortune 500 executives.This experience led Mr. Eldessouky to focus his legal desire for protecting employees from his very own firm in Anaheim, California.

Protecting his community from adversity in the workplace is a challenge he holds dear. Whether it is hurtful and illegal discrimination practices his clients endure, or wage and hour issues that can only be countered with legal action, Mr. Eldessouky has never backed away from ensuring his clients receive the best legal representation available in the State of California. His commitment to expanding his reach throughout the state is a testament to his protective nature, and dedication to upholding the rights of our working people, no matter the circumstances.

California Trial Lawyer Who Goes the Distance: Mohamed Eldessouky

Mr. Eldessouky has served as lead trial attorney on several cases resulting in excess of seven-figure verdicts awarded to his clients and is no stranger to the courtroom.

Mr. Eldessouky has successfully completed several trial academies and prides himself on being a litigator who will see cases through verdict. While not all cases require a jury trial to find success, Mr. Eldessouky’s aggressive ability to go any legal distance necessary to provide a victory for his clients helps set him apart from other attorneys in California employment law.

Mental toughness, legal prowess, and the willingness to pursue any company, no matter the size or the muscle behind their corporate make up, provides his clients with confidence and an assured connection to justice.

Mohamed Eldessouky: No Case Is Too Small or Too Large

The willingness to take on any valid employment law case allows Mr. Eldessouky to help employees from all walks of life gain justice for the adverse conditions they have endured in the workplace.

California’s borders do not stop Mr. Eldessouky’s from seeking truth, justice, and vindication for his clients throughout the country. When a case requires spirited travel from one corporate headquarters to the next, our attorney knows no bounds when seeking success in the courtroom.

Large corporate defendants, their insurance company representatives, and legal teams are no match for Mr. Eldessouky’s fight for California workers. The law knows no bounds, and neither does our employment law attorney when he is seeking justice for a client. Our legal goal is to provide a large settlement for our clients at every turn, and no company — large or small — will deter our lawyer from examining each avenue of success.

Community Focused Legal Care: Eldessouky Law

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Eldessouky knew that it is the people in your community who help mold your identity and guide betterment in your growth. It is with Californians in mind that he became a public leader and lawyer who champions health care reform and holds legislators accountable for their actions in the Statehouse.

At an organic level, his leadership and mentoring reach in junior high and high schools throughout California fosters growth in our students and provides insight into the legal profession from one of its finest practitioners through seminars, workshops, and at-school question and answer visits.

Delivering guidance to the community does not end with the young people but begins with an outreach program that affects millions of California citizens who rely on the Medi-Cal system for their healthcare needs. Individuals and families who are young and old alike benefit from Mr. Eldessouky’s involvement in the legal knowledge that accompanies the day-to-day transactions between medical providers, medical plans, IPAS, ACOs, and other related entities.

Mr. Eldessouky firmly believes that all residents of the State of California deserve proper protection under the law, and his community involvement is just the beginning of his guardianship for all people who need legal representation.

Worldly Experience Delivers Exceptional Results

Law school could not keep Mr. Eldessouky from achieving his dreams of building global leadership skills that would help him surpass his legal constituents when he founded Eldessouky Law more than a decade ago. Domestically, Mohamed knew his home state of California would be the place he helped protect for a lifetime using his legal expertise to defend his community.

His worldly experience was captured with the essence of using his global knowledge to better protect those in his homeland. The international law focuses took Mr. Eldessouky abroad, where he was employed by the University of Parma, in Italy. He served as a committee member for a branch of the European Center for Continuing Legal Education and later wrote a paper for the World Bank regarding expert testimony, which was presented to the Turkish government. Later, Mr. Eldessouky would intern as a summer associate at the law firm of Baker and Mckenzie at their Cairo office where he worked on transnational legal work and Egyptian Civil Law.

Working internationally has played a role in his domestic legal victories in ways he could have never imagined during his school years. And Mr. Eldessouky’s ability to transcend diverse legal climates has allowed his firm to stand apart from other legal teams in the United States and beyond.

Eldessouky Law Attorney Practice Areas

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Los Angeles Bar Association
  • Orange County Trial Lawyers Association
  • California Employment Lawyers Association (CELA)
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA)
  • The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)
  • American Association for Justice
  • Consumer Attorney of California

Awards and Recognitions

  • Super Lawyer’s Rising Star 2020
  • Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Rising Star Finalist 2019
  • National Trial Lawyers – Top 40 Under 40
  • American Institute of Trial Lawyers – 2019
  • Association of American Trial Lawyers – Top 100 in California
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