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Unwavering Employment Law Attorney in West Covina, CA: Eldessouky Law

Most employees look towards their jobs as a source of stability and income. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are perfect, and employees can find themselves in difficult situations with their employers. If you’re facing employment issues, it’s important to speak with an experienced West Covina employment attorney who can help you protect your rights.

At Eldessouky Law, our accomplished employment attorney in West Covina, CA has protected our community with successful employment law representation for more than a decade. With over 110,000 people calling our Los Angeles County, California community home, we are committed to ensuring that the jobs they have worked so hard to get and keep, provide each person with a safe, non-hostile working environment.

Challenging work certainly pays off, and our clients should be able to reap the benefits of their loyalty without suffering from contract nullifications, unpaid wages, or harassment in the workplace. If you believe your employer is violating California Employment Laws in any capacity, contact our West Covina employment lawyer today for help.

If you have questions about your rights as an employee in California or wish to discuss your case confidentially with one of our experienced California employment attorneys, contact our office at 714-409-8991 or fill out one of our contact forms online.

Dealing with an Employment Dispute?

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Largest Employers in West Covina, CA

West Covina, CA plays host to large and small companies alike, who provide excellent employment opportunities to our residents. With their help, the community and economy thrive.

The largest employees located in West Covina, CA are:

Eldessouky Law: Employment Law Practice Areas in West Covina, CA

Employment law may seem complicated on the surface, but the truth is, the Labor Commission’s Office in California has a clear outline of what type of working environment employers must provide. When employers violate those laws, our West Covina employment attorney takes exception to their actions, and will pursue them for justice and financial damages on your behalf.

At Eldessouky Law, our employment law practice areas include:

Dealing with an Employment Dispute?

Discuss your legal options with an attorney at Eldessouky Law

Get A Free Consultation

or, give us a ring at 714-409-8991.

Understanding Severance Agreements, Terms, and Enforcement

The California Department of Industrial Relations, and its Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, state there is no legal requirement that employers must provide severance pay to any employee upon termination.

California labor codes have a final pay provision that states:

  • Discharged employees must be paid all due wages at the time of termination, including earned and unused vacation time
  • Employers must pay their staff at the place where the employment occurred
  • Should an employee quit without notice, s/he must be paid within 72 hours
  • When an employee quits with notice s/she must be paid at the time of departure
  • Employers who fail to pay employees any wages due inside these time frames may be subjected to wage penalties up to 30 days after the due date

Why Do Companies Offer Severance Pay to Discharged Employees?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor states that severance packages are between an employer and employer, as there is no mandate in the Fair Labor Standards Act that requires they be offered upon termination.

Even though there isn’t a requirement for employers to provide severance agreements, they remain popular options for discharging employees throughout the state.

These agreements are pften created for circumstances where the employee is:

  • Laid-off
  • Working in a position that is terminated
  • Parting under an agreement

Severance contracts usually include one of, or a combination of, the following:

  • A lump sum payment upon departure
  • Continued salaried pay for an allotted time
  • Benefit continuation for an outlined timeframe
  • A portion of the current salary or benefits for an outlined period
  • Periodical payments issued over a longer period

Severance agreements are popular because they release the employer from future litigation.

Severance packages can include complicated verbiage and timeframes that can lead you to believe you are coming out on top. This is rarely true. That’s why it is important for employees who are offered a severance package to contact a West Covina employment attorney to review the language and terms to ensure you are not being taken advantage of by your employer.

What’s more is that if you have been subjected to a hostile work environment or are possibly being offered a severance package to keep you from reporting your employers to the authorities for an illegal activity you have witnessed, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.

At Eldessouky Law, our West Covina employment law attorney has represented hundreds of clients who are being terminated from their jobs simply because they are speaking out against a wrong they have witnessed. If this is the case, contact our West Covina employment attorney right away to discuss your circumstances before you sign any paperwork. Your case may be bigger than you think. Severance contracts are legal-binding documents, and once they are filed, there is no turning back.

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If you are considering signing a severance agreement that was supplied by your employer, contact our accomplished employment law attorney in West Covina, CA today at (714) 409-8991 to review your options. We provide free, no-obligation consultations that allow you to explore your alternatives before signing a contract that may be detrimental to your livelihood. We will arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding your employment today.

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