“If you’ve had to hire an attorney you will understand how challenging finding a good one can be. I’ve used this office several times and continue to refer friends here. Anyone who meets the staff and signs up will experience excellent service. Mr. Eldessouky strives for results and always fights hard. Highly recommended.”


“I was referred to Mohamed by family after my bad car accident. He went out of his way many times to get in touch with me, since he sent me to get treatment, to make sure I was okay. He was direct with me and treated me as any human would. Every conversation I shared with him was like speaking to a friend who I knew was there by my side. This man is a professional and knows true ethics. He saw my pain, I’m young but am an American soldier so I cannot be injured for too long, so he made sure my treatment was right for me and I was getting everything I need; he also made sure that they would not over price the medical bill. I know Mohamed is an honest and respectful lawyer who I will give his 110% to each client he has. He could have turned down my case or seen me as some young adult but he never made it about the “importance” or the “money”. He made it about me being a priority and making sure he does his job so that I was okay in the end.”


“Mr.Eldessouky is one of the most professional individuals I have ever met. I am so grateful to all the hard work Mr.Eldessouky put in on defending me in with my cases. His knowledge and hard work made me feel safe and most importantly I felt supported throughout the process. Patience is a quality Mr.Eldessouky has and this was extremely helpful in helping me be accept the process, as he kept me informed the entire time. I am grateful for all of Mr.Eldessouky’s hard work and will recommend him without hesitation.”


“Mohamed Eldessouky helped us through the entire process when our business was wrongfully sued for a business contract. His knowledge, advice, and support was critical in resolving the issue fast and as beneficial as possible so we could get back to our daily work. The time value in his actions kept our small business on track while staying fully aware of our case’s legal status.

I highly recommend Mohamed to take away the stress of legal disputes.”


“Mohamed Eldessouky is the absolute best lawyer. Knowledgeable and super nice. He was extremely helpful with my case. Mr. Eldessouky represents his clients with care and confidante. He gave me a free consultation and explained everything clearly. He was always there to answer my questions and concerns via phone and email. He is intelligent, professional and easy to work with. Always on top of everything! To this day he still answer any questions I may randomly have for him and I really appreciate that. The outcome of my case was exactly what I hoped for. I would definitely recommend Mr. Eldessouky and I would absolutely retain him again!”


“Mohamad was willing to work with me despite me not having the money for the attorney fee. He was really understanding and got me the settlement I was satisfied with. He knows his legal stuff and will take the time to explain them to you, if you are not understanding a certain thing. I highly recommend him to anyone that has a work related issue, because he will resolve it to the fullest extent of law.”

Eddie Miguel

“I had recently hired a previous lawyer who failed to follow up or represent me the right way and eventually decided to drop my case for no reason after months of waiting around. After meeting with several attorneys and finding it hard to find an honest one I ran into Mohamed who immediately took the time to assist me and be upfront with me which is rare these days. I immediately clicked with him and felt comfortable dealing with him and appreciated his honesty about every possible best case, worst case scenario based on what route I wanted to go with my lawsuit. Hes a young attorney but has an aggressive attitude when it comes to getting things done and going after people and most importantly he always followed up with me and didn’t leave me in the dark. When I wanted something done he would get it done or at least attempt it. If anything the only negative review is the fact that lawsuits are never any fun but at least Mohamed made it manageable and less stressful so i can’t take any points away from him. Highly recommended and will be using him for all my affairs from here on out.”


“Mr. Eldessouky was beyond effective in assisting me with issues concerning my employer. When I first called his office he was very patient with me and allowed me to tell my side of the story. After I explained the situation Mr. Eldessouky explained the different aspects of my situation and very clearly walked me through the steps he’d take as my attorney. In addition to the phone call he offered a fully free consultation where I met his professional staff and became a client. I’m thankful to write this review because his firm indeed provided me with great service! If you want someone in your corner, it’s Eldessouky Law!”


“Mohamad was recommended to me by my brother who has used his firm in the past. I found Mohamed very professional and very knowledgeable. He consulted with other attorneys in some instances where the subject expertise was outside his area. The service was excellent and on time.”


“Mohamed is a very strong and honest lawyer. I called him for legal advice and he was very professional and honest with me, patience and gave me the best advice.

I highly recommend Mohamed from my great experience with him.”

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