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When Reporting to the Company Fails, Where Do Sexual Harassment Victims Turn?

Written By: Mo Eldessouky Updated On: April 4, 2024 | Read Time: 2 Minutes

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing requires supervisors in any company with 50 or more employees to undergo two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years. And while this training may go a long way in educating employees on the dos and don’ts of sexual harassment, it simply is not enough to stop the behavior for occurring with employees, and even those in supervisory roles.

When someone is sexually harassed in the workplace – whether they are male or female – confusion, despair, and anxiety are typically their first emotions. Sexual harassment can be visual, verbal, or physical, and can cause extreme emotional anguish. Victims are often torn between their job safety and fear of retaliation, should they report the offense – especially when the harasser holds a higher position in the company they s/he does.

In most larger companies, there are steps employees can take to hold their harasser accountable for their assaulting behavior.

Our sexual harassment attorneys in Long Beach, California recommend:

  • Documenting all instances of sexual harassment for your records, to include dates, times, and behavior
  • Reporting the behavior and your testimony to your boss, or another supervisor, legal or human resources immediately

In the State of California, if your employer fails to take preventive measures – to keep the harassment from occurring – they can be held liable. What’s more is that if you are being harassed by a manager or supervisor, the company is strictly liable for the harassment.

Any violation of your rights, including sexual harassment in the workplace, or retaliation for reporting sexual harassment – which is also unlawful – should be discussed with a California sexual harassment attorney, even if your company acts against your harasser. Your rights are important and upholding them is our duty to the community.

What If My Company Does Not Have a Human Resources Department?

Your legal protection does not end simply because you work for a smaller company who does not have a human resources department. By law, you are entitled to a safe, harassment-free workplace. If there is no HR person on staff, your boss, company owner, CEO, or CFO should be contacted immediately to discuss policy and your circumstances, so they are not a reoccurring part of your workday.

If you are not working in a place where your safety is paramount, our lawyer can help you hold your employer responsible for their negligence and your resulting injury.

What If I Have Been Sexually Assaulted at Work and Am Terrified to Return?

If you have been sexually assaulted at work, contact the police immediately to report your claim. Any sexual harassment that rises to the level of assault or violence should be handled by professional law enforcement to ensure you are protected going forward.

Our California sexual harassment attorney will help you navigate the legal process by contacting your employer, filing the proper paperwork, and ensuring you get the physical and emotional medical care you need. If you are experiencing any level of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace, contact our compassionate employment attorney today at (714) 923-4350 to discuss your case privately and confidentially.

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