Posted April 20, 2020

How the Stimulus Package will affect Small Businesses

Many small businesses are suffering because of COVID-19. The financial losses associated with the virus have resulted in business owners making the decision to close or lay off their employees. If you are a small business owner, you have likely spent countless hours thinking about your business’ future and whether you could continue supporting your […]

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Can My Work Legally Fire Me For Having Health Issues?

In many states, employers can fire employees at-will if they have frequent absences from work, and most employers have attendance requirements included in their employee handbook. If the attendance criteria is clearly indicated in the employee requirements, then you can be terminated for calling in sick and not showing up. There are situations in which […]

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Posted April 14, 2020

Have You Been Laid Off Due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has left many people unable to work. Some people have been unable to work because they are sick, caring for others who are sick, or quarantined after possible exposure to the virus. Others have been unable to work because of the school closures associated with the outbreak. Many others have been unable to work […]

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