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Where Do Most Slip And Fall Accidents Occur?

Written By: Mo Eldessouky Updated On: January 5, 2019 | Read Time: 3 Minutes

With more than ten years of experience representing slip and fall injury victims in Anaheim, California, our Long Beach slip and fall accident at Eldessouky Law can say with great confidence that these accidents can happen anywhere. No two slip and fall accidents are the same, nor are the injuries or the circumstances surrounding their cause. It just so happens, however, that some accident locations are more common than others.

Slip and fall accidents in Anaheim, California frequently occur in:

  • Grocery Stores

Markets and grocery stores are full of liquids and foods that produce slippery circumstances when they hit the floor. There are also obstacles that can fall from shelves or produce sections, even if they do not spill. The store’s negligence in failing to clean up messes that are known hazards can cause significant harm to shoppers who slip, trip, or fall over the objects, and they should be held accountable.

  • Private Homes

It is important to remember that just because you know someone, or have been invited to their home for a party or gathering, does not mean they are not liable for an accident that causes injuries while you are in their home. Accidents in homes can include everything from falls on unkempt premises to dog bites, and depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, the homeowner may be liable for the damages.

  • Restaurants

Like grocery stores, restaurants can pose risks to their patrons when spilled food or drinks are not cleaned up quickly or effectively. In addition, restaurants often contain floor mats and rugs that can cause serious injuries when they are torn, curled on the ends, or not placed properly, allowing customers to trip and fall simply by entering the premises.

  • Resorts And Hotels

No matter the size of the resort or hotel, the owners and operators have a duty to provide visitors with a safe experience, and when that is disturbed by negligent behavior, including wet floors that do not carry a warning, malfunctioning elevators or escalators, and even hazardous chemicals in their pools and hot tubs, you or someone in your family can be injured as a result.

  • Parking Garages And Stairwells

Poor lighting can lead to significant injuries, simply because the visitor cannot see where they are going. In stairwells and parking garages, this can lead to falls, collisions with vehicles, and even injuries caused by a lack of security.

Is It Hard To Prove Negligence In A Premises Liability Case?

Premises liability cases, like slip and fall accidents or dog bites, are complex cases that require an experienced Long Beach slip and fall accident attorney to pursue damages through a settlement or to litigate in court. When someone in our community is injured by the negligence of another person, party, or company, our Long Beach personal injury attorney wants to help bring justice to their case, and pursue the financial recovery they need to fully heal.

If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident in Anaheim, California, contact our experienced Long Beach slip and fall accident attorney at Eldessouky Law today at (714) 923-4350 to discover how we can help. Our law office provides free consultations, and we never charge our clients any fees unless we recover on their behalf.

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