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Pedestrian Fatalities Are the Highest In The State of California

Written By: Mo Eldessouky Updated On: October 25, 2018 | Read Time: 2 Minutes

Despite city planning and upgrades that include safe walking paths, additional crosswalks, and pedestrian education materials, the State of California ranks highest throughout the nation in pedestrian deaths, accounting for 867 last year; 130 of which occurred in Los Angeles alone.

Throughout the country, there are more than 70,000 pedestrians injured each year, and the numbers are showing no signs of slowing — no matter which city our California residents live in. At Eldessouky Law, our Long Beach pedestrian accident attorney is leading the way in legally holding motorists responsible for their negligent driving that causes these injuries, and we can help you and your family too.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics Are On The Rise Throughout The Nation

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, last year there were almost 6,000 pedestrian deaths that occurred during traffic crashes in the United States. That number grew 9% over the previous year’s deaths.

What more is that:

  • A Pedestrian is killed on average of 1.5 hours throughout the country
  • Pedestrian deaths accounted for 16% of all traffic fatalities in the U.S.

How to Stay Safe When You Are On Foot in Long Beach, California

Our personal injury accident attorney has been representing Long Beach individuals and family members who are pedestrian accident victims for over a decade, and are advocates for pedestrian safety through the State of California.

In an effort to decrease accidents in our city, pedestrians should always:

  • Walk on a provided path or available sidewalk
  • When a path or sidewalk is not available, pedestrians should walk on the shoulder of the road facing traffic
  • Evade distractions, stay alert, and avoid using electronic devices that take your attention away from the road
  • Use crosswalks and intersections when crossing the streets
  • When crosswalks are not available, choose a well-lit spot where drivers can see you, and allow enough time between you and the vehicle to cross
  • Wear bright-colored clothing when walking, jogging, or running at night

Drivers should always:

  • Look for pedestrians in conditions where it is hard to see, including during inclement weather, while in parking lots, and other areas that are not well-lit
  • Obey crosswalk traffic by stopping and allowing pedestrians to cross
  • Pay attention to vehicles that are stopped in crosswalks, and never pass them
  • Drive slowly when making a turn, in case pedestrians are crossing at an intersection
  • Follow the speed limit and slow down where pedestrian traffic occurs most, including school zones
  • Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Never become distracted by electronics or outside influences

What Should I Do If I Am Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in Long Beach, California?

Being injured in a pedestrian accident in Long Beach can have life-altering consequences. The medical expenses alone can be overwhelming, and the time away from work can put you in a deep financial hole if you cannot earn a paycheck.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact our Long Beach personal injury attorney today at Eldessouky Law by calling (714) 831-5432 for a free case evaluation. Your injuries are going to require a financial recovery from the person who caused them, and our Los Angeles County lawyer will help get you there faster.

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