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Riverside Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Aggressive Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Riverside, California: Eldessouky Law

At Eldessouky Law, our Riverside, California motorcycle accident attorney provides aggressive and assured representation for riders in Riverside County and throughout the State of California after they have been involved in a collision. We understand that the injuries motorcycle accidents cause can be life-changing, and our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer believe that financial recovery is only the beginning of the healing process.

The California Bureau of Motor Vehicles has 955,293 motorcycles registered throughout the state, as riders are increasingly traveling by motorcycle for more than leisurely rides. With nearly twice as many motorcycles on our roadways than the next closest state in registrations, California is in the top three states in the nation in motorcycle accidents and those who are injured need have a long road to recovery. To guide their path, our Riverside motorcycle accident attorney provides the best representation available to achieve the most optimal financial outcome available for their case. Our experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for our clients over the past decade, and our Riverside motorcycle accident law firm will pursue the same victorious results for you.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in California and the United States

Sunny weather and warm temperatures year around allow California motorcyclists to use their bikes for daily commutes, long weekend rides, and state-wide vacations. The scenic views motorcyclists enjoy are second to none on the west coast, but as they traverse our winding roadways not everyone is paying as close attention to riders as they may larger vehicles.

The statistics reflect the uptick in motorcycle accident deaths, including:

  • The Centers for Disease Control listed 4,976 motorcycle fatalities last year
  • TheCalifornia Office of Traffic Safety listed 548 motorcycle fatalities last year in California, an 11% increase from the previous year

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Riverside, California

With nearly one million motorcycles on our California roads, our Riverside motorcycle accident attorney is an advocate for safe riding and sharing the road with riders in the city and rural areas, day and night.

Unfortunately, nearly 12,000 motorcycle accidents still occur throughout the state each year, and the number one cause is that the driver of the vehicle that the motorcycle is in an accident with simply “did not see the motorcyclist.” While it is a common refrain, it is no excuse for negligently operating a vehicle and failing to maintain the laws of the road.

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Riverside, CA include:  

  • Vehicles making left-hand turns in front of a motorcyclist
  • Cars merging into lanes occupied by motorcyclists
  • Head-on collisions between vehicles and motorcyclists
  • Vehicle drivers/passengers opening car doors when a motorcycle is passing
  • Dangerous road conditions
  • Manufacturing defects

No matter how your motorcycle accident occurred, our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer want to help you hold the negligent driver or manufacturing company responsible for your injuries by pursuing a financial settlement that covers your complete healthcare and monetary needs.

What Expenses Can I Expect to Incur After a Motorcycle Accident in Riverside, CA?

Motorcycle accidents in Riverside are serious matters that require a seasoned Riverside motorcycle accident attorney to pursue full financial recovery. While the details of each case may differ, the financial hardships that motorcycle accidents cause has a serious impact on the rider’s ability to heal and move forward with a stress-free recovery.

The weight of ongoing medical care and the lack of a paycheck are only the beginning of an injured rider’s journey. And at Eldessouky Law, our Riverside motorcycle accident attorney will outline each segment of your financial needs, so you are never left paying expenses out of your own pocket.

Riverside motorcycle accident injury expenses can include:

  • Current, on-going, and long-term medical care
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Disability claims, where applicable
  • Prescription and medical device purchases
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation services
  • Property damage

The nature of each rider’s injuries will dictate the financial recovery amount we seek from the negligent driver or company and their insurance companies, and that figure will differ for each accident. At Eldessouky Law, our personal injury attorney in Riverside, California will leave no detail to chance when it comes to your complete recovery – or the financial restitution we seek on your behalf.

Our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers will interview your medical team, and discover the overall extent of your injuries, the amount of time it will take to heal, and how long you will have to be away from work to do so. Never accept a low-ball offer from an insurance company without talking to our firm first. Our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer will take the lead in pursuing the best financial outcome available for your case.

Contact Our Eldessouky Law Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Riverside, California

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident in Riverside, California? Are you caring for a family member who has been injured in a motorcycle accident? Contact our accomplished motorcycle accident attorney at Eldessouky Law in Riverside, California today at (714) 752-4728 to schedule a free consultation. Our private, no-obligation meeting will provide the information you need to move forward with a case against the negligent driver or company who caused your or your loved one’s injuries. Call our Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer now to begin strategically building financial solutions that will allow you to move forward in a positive way.


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