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Riverside Personal Injury Attorney

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Many people call Riverside County home and for good reason. You’re close to the beach, and you get to enjoy activities like Riverside Art Museum and Castle Park. There are also quality restaurants like Mario’s Place to experience, and you can spend days exploring California Citrus State Historic Park.

Yes, Riverside County is a terrific place to live, visit, or work, but it’s not a perfect place. Every county in the country that is inhabited by people is not going to be 100 percent safe. People make mistakes that cause others to be hurt—that comes with living in society.

You trust that others will be careful with your safety, but sometimes people aren’t careful. Sometimes, they can be negligent or reckless and cause you harm.

You can’t erase an accident, but you can go after those involved in causing it. You can file a personal injury claim. Your claim could result in damages for you. You could receive payment for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. A Riverside County personal injury lawyer can help you file your claim.

How Do I File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve never been hurt in an accident before, you may not know what to expect when this situation happens to you. You may have heard of a personal injury claim, but you may not know how this process works.

The first step in the process is identifying that you have a case. It’s essential to figure out what caused your accident and who was to blame.

For instance, if you were in a car accident, did a drunk driver cause the accident or was it a defective auto part? If a drunk driver is to blame, then the driver is liable for your damages. If a defective part is to blame, it’s likely a manufacturing company is liable for your damages.

Once you’ve identified the cause and responsible party, you need evidence. You can’t just say that someone caused your accident and expect to win your case. You will need proof. But you’re stuck in a hospital bed, dealing with injuries. How are you supposed to find evidence to prove your case? Your injury lawyer in Riverside County can help.

We can work to find evidence of fault. We can gather medical evidence to prove your injuries. We can help you prove your losses. Interviewing witnesses could be necessary, and your lawyer can take that over. Obtaining police or accident reports is important, and your lawyer can handle that as well.

Then, it’s time to figure out how much money you’re owed for your accident. Adding up all of your losses is part of the process. You want to be paid fairly for your accident and damages.

Your lawyer will put your case together and send it over to the appropriate insurance company. Insurance negotiating begins.

If an insurer agrees to pay you fairly for your accident, then the process will be over soon, when you get a check. If the insurer is not willing to pay you an appropriate settlement for your situation, court could be an option.

Going to court is a rare step when it comes to personal injury actions, but your lawyer at our office is willing to go to trial to get you paid.

Riverside County Personal Injury Cases

Were you injured in a car accident, in a slip-and-fall accident, or because of medical negligence? Your Riverside personal injury attorney can help you identify which type of case you have and which California laws affect your case. For instance, when injured by a defective product, product liability laws will affect your case.

Aren’t sure what type of case you have? Don’t worry, your lawyer will know. Here are some of the personal injury cases our firm handles.

  • Dog Bites – A dog bite injury could be serious, leaving you with scars, pain, and emotional trauma. The dog’s owner should be held to account for their failure to take reasonable precautions regarding your safety.
  • Motorcycle Wrecks – Motorcycle riders are frequently blamed for accidents, but they aren’t always to blame. They deserve justice for an accident they didn’t cause just like anyone else involved in an accident.
  • Product Liability – Manufacturing companies must be held to strict safety standards because they create products we all rely on. If they create a dangerous product and you’re hurt, you can go after them through an injury claim.
  • Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect – Nursing homes should be safe places for elderly adults, but sometimes they’re not. When a nursing home fails to protect its residents, the home should be held liable for the harm allowed to occur.
  • Automobile Accidents – Injuries, suffering, pain, and property damage often result from car accidents. Whoever causes a car accident should be the one to pay for the damages.
  • Truck Collisions – Trucking companies and truckers have a responsibility to adhere to safety regulations. When a trucker fails to drive safely, or a trucking company is negligent, you could go after both parties for payment of your losses.
  • Wrongful Death – People can be careless or they can engage in dangerous behavior. Sometimes, they hurt other people because of their thoughtless actions. They should pay for the death of your loved one.
  • Medical Malpractice – Doctors and other medical providers should be held to account for the harm they cause patients. You can be compensated for medical injuries caused by subpar medical treatment.

Who Is at Fault for Your Personal Injury Accident?

You may have been in an accident, and you know you didn’t cause it, but you may not know who did.

For example, if you were in a car accident in which someone smashed into you at an intersection, you may not know who caused the accident. The person who hit you might not be to blame. What if the person’s brakes went out? The accident could be the fault of a negligent mechanic or auto manufacturing company.

Or what if your family member was hurt in a nursing home? Who would be at fault? It could be a nursing home worker and the nursing home.

To find out who is at fault for your accident, an investigation must take place. For some accidents, the police can assist with the investigation. For example, the police that arrive on scene often investigate car accidents. But other accidents will need to be investigated by your lawyer.

Your lawyer can help by interviewing witnesses, gathering photos or video evidence, hiring accident investigators, collecting medical evidence, and more.

Your lawyer can help you find out who was to blame for your accident. Our firm can then go after those responsible through the personal injury claim process.


Proving Your Case and Dealing With the Insurance Company

A personal injury lawyer in Riverside County, California, can help you prove your case using the evidence described above. Whether your case is settled outside of court or taken to trial, you can count on your lawyer at our office. We can put your case together and work to get you justice and compensation for your injuries.

We can deal with insurers and work to get them to pay for your accident. Insurers can be challenging to deal with sometimes. Insurance companies are out to make money—not always to help those injured in accidents.

Some insurance companies will try to take advantage of injury victims. They could try to offer you a low settlement that in no way accounts for the losses you’ve suffered. That’s why it’s so important for you to have a lawyer on your team. Your lawyer can protect your rights and watch out for your best interests.

Your lawyer will add up all of your losses, which could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost ability to earn an income
  • Permanent injury
  • Disfiguring scars
  • Mental trauma
  • Cost of mental health services
  • Cost of physical rehabilitation
  • Medical expenses


You have every right to demand payment for losses brought to your life by someone else. You can’t control what happened to you, but you can control how you respond to this experience. You can choose to fight back. But you don’t have to fight alone. California’s injury laws are on your side. So is your lawyer at our firm.


Questions for Your Riverside County Injury Attorney

Of course you have questions to ask a lawyer, but you might be scared to make that call. You don’t have to be afraid to reach out to our firm. We offer a free case review to those who call our office. In the meantime, feel free to get some of your questions answered in the Q&A section below.
Can a parent file an injury claim on behalf of a child?
A parent does have the right to file a claim on behalf of a minor. If your child was hurt in an accident, they deserve justice just like an adult does. Your losses can be added to the claim. For instance, lost income you suffered due to the need to care for your injured child could be included in the claim.
Can I sue if I was partially responsible for my Riverside County injury accident?
Yes, you can sue another person even if you shared some responsibility for causing the accident. The comparative negligence law in California allows you to sue someone for the amount of fault assigned to their actions.
Is there a time limit on filing injury claims?
Yes, you have two years to bring a claim for most personal injury cases in Riverside County, California. That time limit passes quickly, so don’t delay in reaching out to our office.
Do I have to testify in court to win compensation for a personal injury?
Going to trial is rarely necessary to win fair compensation for a personal injury claim. Most cases are settled through mediation. However, your lawyer at our firm is willing to litigate your case if that’s what it takes to get you justice and financial compensation. If you need to testify, your lawyer will prepare you.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

The injuries and hardships you are dealing with due to your accident are overwhelming. How can you deal with the personal injury claim process, as well? You don’t have to do this alone, that’s how. Your lawyer can take over your case and take care of the personal injury claim process. We can keep you informed through every step.

You should be focused on your physical and mental recovery from this traumatic ordeal. Your Riverside County personal injury lawyer can do the rest. Call Eldessouky Law at 714-409-8991 to take advantage of our free case consultation offer or fill out the contact form on this web page.


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