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Riverside Car Accident Attorney

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Knowledgeable Auto Accident Attorney in Riverside, California: Eldessouky Law

At Eldessouky Law, our Riverside, CA auto accident attorney understands how quickly your life can change when you traffic collision occurs. Our Riverside County residents who are injured in a car crash are left with mounting medical bills, loss of income and a damaged or totaled vehicle because someone else decided to negligently operate their vehicle.

The outcome of auto accidents in California are fraught with despair, and our Riverside car accident lawyer is here to help create legal solutions for our community, so those who are injured are not left in financial ruin. Car accidents, no matter how simple or complex, require a knowledgeable Riverside auto accident attorney to ensure your rights are not violated by the offending driver or their insurance company. With millions of dollars recovered for our clients over the past decade, Eldessouky Law has the answers.

How Common Are Auto Accidents in Riverside, California?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year in the United States approximately two million people are injured in traffic crashes, and 32,000 killed, equaling nearly 90 fatalities per day.

TheCalifornia Office of Traffic Safety lists that in our state alone last year:

  • Traffic fatalities increased 7% from 3,387 to 3,623
  • Of those tested, 15% of all drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes tested positive for legal and/or illegal drugs
  • Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased from 911 to 1,059

While not all traffic accidents are fatal, injuries are increasingly common, as theCalifornia Highway Patrol reported last year in California there were:

  • 178,669 injury collisions
  • 254,561 persons injured

​Being injured in an auto accident in Riverside, California can change your life and your ability to provide for your family. Injuries sustained in car crashes can range from broken bones to severe head trauma, and without an accomplished Riverside auto accident attorney by your side to seek financial restitution from the person who caused your injuries, you could be left paying the expenses out of pocket. Do not agree to a settlement with an insurance company without speaking with our experienced Riverside car accident attorney first.

How Can Eldessouky Law Help Me Recover from an Auto Accident in Riverside, CA?

Car crash victims in Riverside are immediately met with is confusion when an accident occurs. How did this happen? Am I okay? Is my car totaled? What should I do next? These questions are common and completely justifiable after an accident, and leave an even larger question looming: Who is going to pay for all of this?

At Eldessouky Law, our Riverside auto accident attorney has the answers, and they begin with a complete investigation of your crash and the negligent driver who caused your injuries.

As your Riverside car crash attorney, we will:

  • Partner with accident reconstruction experts to build our case against the negligent driver who hit you
  • Research the driving record and condition of the driver who caused your injuries
  • Interview witnesses and law enforcement officials who were at the scene
  • Review all traffic camera footage, where available
  • Assume all contact with the insurance companies involved, so you are never intimidated by their manipulative practices
  • Ensure you get the proper medical care you need to account for all injuries
  • Consult with your medical team to document an accurate accounting of your current and future medical care needs
  • Compile a strategically sound case to pursue a financial settlement or jury verdict on your behalf

No accident is too small or too large to seek our Riverside personal injury lawyers counsel. The insurance companies are going to contest your requests to pay you the least amount possible, and you deserve more. Our Riverside car accident lawyer Eldessouky Law will fight for your complete financial needs, leaving no detail to chance when making our demands.

What If I Am Caring for a Loved One Who Was Severely Injured in a Riverside Car Crash?

There is no harder job than the one of caretaker. And putting your life on hold, suspending your career, or even being forced to quit your job to care for a spouse, child, or loved one is not uncommon. Car accidents can lead to serious, life-long injuries that require around the clock care. And if you are the person charged with that care, your loved one’s lawsuit against the negligent driver who caused their injuries should reflect that financial sacrifice.

Our Riverside auto accident attorney will compile a full accounting of your loved one’s injuries and the required care that is necessary going forward. This includes your care taking responsibilities, and the income you have forfeited to ensure their recovery efforts are enforced. Your time, compassion, and care have financial value. Contact our accomplished Riverside car accident attorney today to discover their significance.

Contact Our Riverside Auto Accident Attorney at Eldessouky Law Today

Have you been injured in a car accident in Riverside, California? Are you caring for a loved one who was injured in a traffic collision? Contact our experienced Riverside, CA car accident attorney today at Eldessouky Law by calling (714) 752-4728 to learn more about the financial compensation you deserve because of your or their injuries. We are available for free, no-obligation consultations now. 


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