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At Eldessouky Law, our employment attorney commends the community of Bellflower, CA for remaining tight-knit, even as our population soars, with over 76,000 people calling our Los Angeles County home. California residents share bonds by geography, personal connections, and workplace relationships that allow our neighborhoods to thrive in a progressively popular state.

Still, creating the proper work/life balance is something that most people struggle with, as they focus on supporting themselves and their families with part- and full-time employment opportunities throughout Bellflower. To help protect our community’s rights, the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency provides an outline of labor law regulations that allow our Bellflower employment lawyer to protect our clients from harmful workplace behavior, and ensure their fair treatment during work hours.

Top Employers in Bellflower, CA: Employment Opportunities Require Regulation

No matter who you work for, the expectation of a safe workplace is demanded by California laws. At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney holds employers to these legal requirements to ensure employees are receiving the care, pay, and protections they deserve under the law.

The top five employers in Bellflower, CA are:

Your employer designation does not matter. Whether you are one of 500 employees, or one of two employees, your rights are outlined by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.

Employment Law Practice Areas in Bellflower, CA: Eldessouky Law

If you have experienced any workplace harassment, or feel that your pay rates or periods have been violated, our Bellflower employment law attorney can help you recover emotionally and financially. You do not have to be intimidated by your employer, or feel as though your need to keep your job overrides your fair treatment in the workplace. We can help you succeed in simultaneously keeping your job, and holding your employer responsible for their violations.

Our premiere employment law practice areas include:

Unjust workplace abuse, intimidation, or hostility is against the law. If you are suffering from direct attacks, or are simply witnessing the behavior, we can help you hold your employer responsible now.

Understanding Wage and Hour Laws in Bellflower, CA

According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, the California minimum wage requirements that became effective January 1, 2017, are:

  • Businesses with 26 or more employees: $10.50 per hour
  • Businesses with 25 or fewer employees: $10.00 per hour

The Labor Commission’s Office provides a strict outline of the Wage Theft Protection Act that protects California workers through pay requirements included in the following areas.

Wage and Hour Laws

Your pay must be outlined at the time of your employment, and the following itemizations reported on a paystub for your review at the end of each pay period.

  • Exemptions
  • Payment for hours worked
  • Meals and breaks
  • Minimum wage requirements
  • Overtime

Meals and Breaks Required by Law

California labor laws require that employers provide a:

  • Paid ten-minute rest break for every four hours of work performed
  • Meal break of at least thirty minutes after no more than five hours of work

Legal Requirements for Overtime Pay

The Department of Industrial Relations reports overtime requirements to employers throughout the state, including:

  • Eight hours of labor constitutes a single day’s work, paid at a regular rate
  • Employment beyond eight hours in any workday, or more than six days in any workweek, is permissible if the employee is compensated for the overtime through pay increased to:
  • 1.5 times the employer’s regular rate for all hours exceeding eight hours, up to and including 12 hours in a single day; and for the first eight hours of the seventh day in a consecutive work week
  • Two times the employee’s regular rate or all hours worked more than 12 hours in any single workday; and for all hours worked more than eight hours on the seventh day in a consecutive workweek

If you are not being paid at the minimum wage rate, or are suffering from lost wages due to employer oversight, negligent bookkeeping, or intentional withholding practices, we want to help you recover the financial losses and extended damages these unlawful practices have produced.

Our employment law attorney in Bellflower, CA specializing in wage recovery, and enforcing the State of California’s Wage Laws. We can help you recover what your employer is unlawfully withholding from you now.

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At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney in Bellflower, CA can identify wage disruption or withholding by reviewing your paystubs during a free consultation. If you believe your employer is shorting your pay, whether it is a regular wage, overtime, or docking you for instances that fall under paid time off, contact our Bellflower employment lawyer today at (714) 598-2390 to understand your rights. California laws protect employees from harmful financial dealings in the workplace, and we can help enforce those laws on your behalf to recover lost wages and more. Call us now to find out how.


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