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Protecting Your Interests

Protecting Your Interests In Severance Agreements

Layoffs and terminations are difficult for employees to process, especially on their own. You do not have to go through this alone when you work with Eldessouky Law. Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky is dedicated to helping employees understand their rights in these situations.

Severance agreements are complex and should be reviewed by an experienced Anaheim Severance Agreements lawyer. Do not make the mistake of signing your agreement without a proper review first.

Review Your Severance Agreement Before Signing

A severance agreement is a legal contract between an employee and employer that explains each party’s responsibilities and rights when an employee is terminated. The agreement may include a severance package that includes compensation and benefits for a specific period of time. It may also include stipulations for employee termination and a confidential separation agreement that documents your specific rights and responsibilities.

Signing a severance agreement typically includes accepting a general release of all claims, which means if you sign this agreement, you cannot pursue any legal claims like wrongful termination in the future.

Your future goals need to be considered before signing any severance agreement. Our law firm will help you understand the specific conditions of your agreement and explain the advantages and disadvantages of signing.

Often, these agreements need to be signed within a few days. We understand the time constraints and the importance of reviewing all options before making a decision. We will carefully review your agreement and provide honest and valuable advice about the next steps to take in your specific situation.

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