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Bellflower Personal Injury Attorney

I'm Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky. If you need help resolving an employment dispute or recovering from an injury caused by another, don't hestitate to contact our office. Schedule Your Free Consultation Call (714) 409-8991
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At Eldessouky Law, our personal injury attorney in Bellflower, CA has successfully represented a portion of our nearly 78,000 Los Angeles County residents for more than a decade, holding negligent parties responsible for the harm they inflict in our community. Whether you have been hurt in an auto accident or as a pedestrian, you deserve proper medical care, and the appropriate financial recovery for any time you must take away from work to concentrate on your care.

Our committed Bellflower personal injury lawyer, Mohamed Eldessouky, has pursued and secured millions of dollars in settlements for our California clients, allowing our law firm to stand apart from other Bellflower personal injury attorneys in the state. If you have suffered a personal injury due to someone’s negligence, we can help you pursue a financial settlement that will allow you to focus on healing, instead of the stress that comes along with being involved in an accident.

Bellflower, CA Economy and Largest Employers

Healthcare is the driving force of the Bellflower, CA economy, and the employment opportunities in this important sector allow our community to thrive. With focused care centers, insurance companies, and rehabilitation facilities anchoring our growth, our city focuses on wellness, which is something our Bellflower personal injury law firm promotes fully with our clients. Your physical well-being is the cornerstone of your livelihood, and our Bellflower personal injury attorney wants to protect help protect it.

The largest employers in Bellflower, CA include:

Eldessouky Law Personal Injury Practice Areas in Bellflower, CA

Our Bellflower, CA personal injury attorney at Eldessouky Law is passionate about preserving our clients’ rights, allowing our focus on securing their physical, emotional, and financial recovery options after an accident to remain at the forefront of each case we represent.

Our personal injury practice areas include:

No matter what type of accident you have been involved in, we can help you hold the negligent party responsible for their actions, or inactions. You do not have to suffer from an injury, nor do you have to pay for medical care and time away from work yourself. Our Bellflower personal injury law firm will concentrate our legal efforts on ensuring you get the care and financial resolution you deserve.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Bellflower, CA

Slip and fall accidents are incredibly common in Bellflower, CA, and around the country. The Centers for Disease Control reports that each year approximately one million people nationwide visit the emergency room because of a slip and fall accident.

While the idea of slipping, tripping, or even falling is often associated with inattention or clumsiness, the facts from slip and fall accidents support a much more threatening reality: Negligence. Negligence occurs when failure to use reasonable care results in damage, or injury to another person.

The CDC reports that slips, trips, and falls account for:

  • 15% of all accidental deaths; killing approximately 12,000 people each year
  • Second leading cause of accidental death behind motor vehicle collisions

Where slip and fall accidents are concerned, the most common causes include:

  • Sloped walking surfaces
  • Loose, shifting, or unanchored rugs or mats
  • Loose, shifting, or missing floorboards, tiles, or bricks
  • Unmarked stairs or ramps
  • Missing or broken handrails
  • Carpets or mats with curled edges
  • Irregularities in walking surfaces
  • Thresholds or gaps in doorways
  • Poorly lit stairwells or walkways
  • Wet, slippery floors and surfaces
  • Debris, trash, or other obstacles in walkways or stairwells
  • Lack of signage or warnings for dangerous conditions
  • Failure to block dangerous areas from use

When someone is hurt in a slip and fall accident in Bellflower, CA, the injuries they sustain can be severe. The surprise factor in these accidents can lead to excessive stress on the body, leaving victims physically and emotionally injured and in need of immediate medical care.

Common slip and fall injuries include:

  • Bruising, scratches, and cuts
  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Strained, sprained, and dislocated joints, including ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders
  • Torn muscles and ligaments
  • Concussions, head, and brain injuries
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Internal injuries or bleeding
  • Wrongful death

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. And depending on the location and circumstances of where your injury occurred, the negligent party could be a person, group of people, company, or municipal entity. Contacting our slip and fall attorney in Bellflower, CA immediately following your injury will help ensure we are able to hold the negligent party responsible without issue or delay.

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If you have been hurt in an accident of any type and suffered a personal injury, contact the experienced Bellflower personal injury attorney at Eldessouky Law today at (714) 831-5342 to schedule a free consultation. Our dedicated Bellflower personal injury lawyer will walk you through the legal process and explain exactly how we will hold the negligent party who caused your injuries responsible. Contact us today to begin your claim and understand the financial recovery options available for your unique case.

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