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Whittier Bicycle Accident Attorney

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Were you involved in a bicycle accident? Bicycle accidents are unfortunately very common. They can occur virtually at any time. Depending on the specific details of the bicycle accidents, victims could suffer a variety of injuries. Some of the most common injuries resulting from bicycle accidents include some of the following: traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, neck injuries, spinal injuries, back injuries, broken bones (fractures), and lacerations, for example. Although it is possible for victims of bicycle accidents to survive their injuries and eventually make a full recovery, it is common for bicycle accidents to be fatal.

Were you involved in a bicycle accident? Did you suffer injuries? Did a member of your family lose his or her life due to a bicycle accident? If so, you likely have grounds to pursue a claim against the party liable for your injuries. If you would like to learn more about the possibility of pursuing a claim and recovering compensation, do not hesitate to contact our law firm as soon as possible. Our Whittier bicycle accident lawyers are ready to provide you with the guidance necessary to pursue a claim.

Understanding Your Rights as a Bicyclist

What are your rights as a bicyclist? All bicyclists have the same rights as the drivers of other vehicles. Essentially, you have the right to operate your bicycle while exercising caution and other parties exercising caution towards you. All motorists must treat you as if you were driving any other vehicle. As a bicyclist, you have the right to share the road with drivers (remaining close to the right curb with a few exceptions). You also have the right to be given enough space to ride your bicycle safely. If you have a thorough understanding on your rights as a bicyclist, you will likely have a better understanding of your right to take action against the liable party after being involved in a bicycle accident.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

What are the most common causes of bicycle accidents? Many people mistakenly believe that accidents are unexplainable; however, there are clear causes and explanations for nearly all types of accidents, including bicycle accidents.

Some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents include the following:

  • Bicyclists failing to follow traffic rules.
  • Bicyclists weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Bicyclists are being distracted by their cell phones.
  • Bicyclists being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • Drivers failing to provide bicyclists with enough space (driving too close).
  • Drivers disregarding traffic rules/signals.
  • Drivers are being distracted by their cell phones.
  • Drivers being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
  • Dangerous road conditions creating hazards for bicyclists.

The cause of your accident is relevant to your claim. Specifically, the cause of your accident establishes the party liable for the accident. In general, there are just a few parties that could be liable for the accident and the injuries suffered. These parties could include the drivers of autos, cities/counties liable for maintaining road conditions, and even bicyclists, for instance. Regardless of the party liable for your accident, you can be certain that you could likely recover compensation.

Your Right to Recover Compensation

If your claim is successful, you could recover compensation. The specific type and amount of compensation that you are eligible to receive strictly depends on the details of your claim. In general, victims are eligible to recover compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain/suffering, punitive damages. If the victim lost his or her life, surviving family members might also be eligible to receive compensation for funeral/burial costs and loss of supporting, for example. Regardless of the specific details of your claim, you could be certain that the lawyers at Eldessouky Law will aggressively fight for your right to recover the compensation that you deserve. You could be certain that our bicycle accident lawyers will fight for you until you are rightfully compensated for the damages caused by the bicycle accident.

The Need for an Attorney

Why would someone involved in a bicycle accident need the assistance of an attorney? If you were involved in a bicycle accident, you will likely be eligible to pursue a claim – against an insurance company. Insurance companies – although they are designed to provide you with compensation – will do everything within their reach to prevent from rightfully paying claimants. Insurance companies are quick to deny valid claims, postpone the settlement process, and offer unreasonable settlements. This is all to avoid rightfully paying claimants for their damages. When you seek legal assistance and hire an attorney, you can be certain that there will always be someone representing your best interests against the insurance company.

Why would you choose our law firm to represent you in your bicycle accident case? Our Whittier bicycle accident attorneys have many years of experience handling bike accident claims. The experts at Mohammed Law are ready to evaluate your claim and provide you with the legal assistance necessary to ensure that your claim reaches a successful outcome. You could trust our Whittier law firm to effectively handle your claim and help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

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