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What is a Hostile Work Environment?

Is work becoming unbearable? Do you feel that your employer is making it impossible to enjoy working there?

It’s not uncommon for employers to force out employees by creating stressful work environments.

Every individual is entitled to work in a harassment-free environment and an employer’s failure or refusal to provide this, in and of itself, is the denial of “terms, conditions, privileges of employment” and is a violation of the law. (Government Code Sections 12940)

Of course every workplace will create unique circumstances and in most situations you are much better off speaking to an Anaheim Employment attorney who will be able to identify any violations of the various laws preventing harassment at the workplace.

Anyone can be a harasser. It does not necessarily need to be your employer, supervisor, or in general a superior. If any employee for the company you work is creating a hostile work environment then this is enough for you to seek relief form your Employer.

Because these cases tend to be very fact sensitive it is strongly advised that if you are experiencing a higher than normal amount of stress at the workplace that you contact an attorney.

What may be stressful to one person may different for another. At Eldessouky Law we carefully assess each potential case for a myriad of possible violations. All consultations are free.

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