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There are many different types of employment law, and it can be confusing to try to keep up with all of the changes. If you live in or near Costa Mesa, California, then you know that the state’s laws regarding employment are constantly changing. This is why it is so important to have an experienced Costa Mesa employment attorney on your side.

At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney in Costa Mesa, CA represents the people of Orange County with distinction. Our nearly 110,000 residents work hard to support themselves and their families in the retail, commerce, and manufacturing industries, so when someone is treated unfairly by an employer, we take exception.

In California, the labor laws are very clear. The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency provides the guidelines in which employers must abide. When any of these companies, no matter how big or small, step outside of the legal areas of acceptance, it is our Costa Mesa employment lawyer’s duty to ensure our clients’ rights are upheld. At Eldessouky Law, we practice employment law with a commitment to our clients’ livelihoods and happiness in the workplace and will pursue the best outcome available for your Costa Mesa employment case, no matter who your employer is.

Employment in Costa Mesa, CA: Varied and Bright Opportunities

In addition to employing thousands of individuals throughout its over 250 retailers, the South Coast Plaza, the largest mall on the west coast, generates over $1.5 billion in revenue annually for Costa Mesa, CA.

In addition, the other large employers in Costa Mesa, CA are:

Each of these employers has a legal obligation to ensure their employees enjoy a safe workplace, free from hostility and unfair practices. Our Costa Mesa employment law attorney works tirelessly strengthen that position. If your employer falls short, we can help hold your them responsible for the emotional and financial injuries that result.

Eldessouky Employment Law Practice Areas: Costa Mesa, CA

At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney practice areas include:

  • Hostile work environment claims, including:
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Wage and hour claims, including:
    • Underpaid regular pay rates
    • Unpaid rest or break times
    • Overtime payment discrepancies
  • Severance terms, agreements, and enforcement procedures
  • Retaliation claims
  • Wrongful termination
  • Disability Discrimination

Legal Representation for Severance Terms, Agreements, and Enforcement Procedures

Employees often do not realize the legal implications involved in layoffs, terminations, and business closures that result in job loss. Losing a paycheck is a tough position to be in, and when severance packages are offered, employees often jump at the chance to take whatever payout they can. This can often be a mistake. The California Legislature is very clear about final pay laws, severance packages, and enforcement procedures.

Final Pay Laws

If you have been terminated suddenly from a position, no matter the reason behind your release, it is important to ensure your employer is obeying final pay laws. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement states that all employees who are discharged must be paid all wages due at the time of termination.

These wages can include:

  • Pay accumulated to date, from previous pay period
  • Earned, but unused vacation time

If an employee quits their position, and does not have a contract with an agreed employment period, they must be paid all outstanding wages within 72 hours. If 72 hours’ notice is given prior to their quit date, they must be paid at the time they leave their position.

Severance Pay

California law does not require employers to provide severance pay to employees upon termination. If the employer does not have a severance pay clause in their handbook or within contracts signed by the employee, severance pay is not mandated.

The intent of a severance agreement is to get the employee to accept an immediate payment in exchange for relinquishing any future legal rights, giving up liability for employment law violations connected to their employer.

However, if there is an agreement it could be called by several different names including, but not limited to:

  • Severance Agreement
  • General Release
  • Termination Agreement
  • Separation Agreement
  • Exit Agreement

Never sign a severance agreement if you do not understand the terms within, or are confused about the consequences of signing.

Severance agreements are binding legal contracts.

DO NOT SIGN a termination agreement if you:

  • Believe your termination was unfair
  • Leaving your job, either willingly or through a layoff, due to an employment law violation, including harassment, or retaliation
  • Believe it precludes you from working elsewhere through a non-compete clause
  • Contains a non-disclosure clause
  • Requires admission of guilt or fault in your employment termination
  • Witnessed wrongdoing in the workplace
  • Believe your employee rights were violated in any way

If there is ever any confusion about your release from a company, contact the Eldessouky Law a Costa Mesa employment Law Firm today to discuss your case. We will review your termination papers, severance pay options, and any contracts you may have signed when you became employed to ensure you are not being taken advantage of by your employer, or their legal team.

Pursuit of Retaliation & Wrongful Termination Cases in Costa Mesa, CA: Eldessouky Law

The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement protects employees from retaliation and wrongful termination practices in the State of California.

This includes protecting employees who engage in a protected activity, and are still:

  • Discharged
  • Demoted
  • Suspended
  • Discriminated or retaliated against

If you believe your employer is in violation of any workplace protections, and you have lost your job because of their practices, contact our Costa Mesa employment law office today to understand the laws and how they affect you.

Contact the Employment Law Attorney at Eldessouky Law for a Free Consultation

Employer and employee relationships can be complicated and often fall below the standard of the law. At Eldessouky Law, our employment law attorney in Costa Mesa, CA can help you understand where your employer is falling short of their legal requirements, protecting your rights going forward. Contact our Costa Mesa employment lawyer today at (714) 409-8991 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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