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Wrongful Termination

Being fired or let go never feels good, but it is even more disheartening when the termination seemed arbitrary or in retaliation for actions you took to do the right thing. At Eldessouky Law in Anaheim, Orange County, our Anaheim Wrongful Termination Attorneys protect employees’ rights against unlawful termination of employment. Having dedicated his career to helping others, Anaheim, Orange County Wrongful Termination attorney Mohammed Eldessouky offers the insightful guidance and aggressive representation you need to seek justice against wrongful termination. Our Wrongful Termination Lawyers represent employees in Anaheim, Orange County and the surrounding areas of Southern California.

What Constitutes Wrongful Termination?

Many employers utilize “at-will” employment, meaning that they can let employees go at any time. However, at-will policies do not remove the employer’s responsibility to act legally. Under both California state laws and federal laws, employers cannot terminate employees who:

  • File a claim for workers’ compensation
  • Take legally protected time off such as time for jury duty, medical or family leave, or time for military service
  • File a discrimination claim with HR or state or federal authorities
  • Refuse requests for sexual, financial or personal favors in exchange for a promotion or raise
  • Refuse to engage in illegal activities of any kind
  • Join a union and participate in union activities
  • Notify government agencies or proper authorities of potential workplace safety hazards that have been ignored
  • Report suspected illegal activities on the part of a co-worker, manager or the company itself to the proper authorities (whistleblowing)

Experienced Wrongful Termination lawyer in Anaheim, Orange County

Firing an employee outright or letting him or her go after any of the above scenarios would violate that employee’s rights. If you were given a termination notice after undertaking any of the above actions, our Wrongful Termination lawyer in Anaheim, Orange County can help you navigate the legal process to hold your employer accountable.

This typically involves filing a claim with the proper agency, such as the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). It could also mean filing a civil lawsuit in court. Anaheim, Orange County Wrongful Termination Attorney Mr. Eldessouky will guide you through each step, ensuring your concerns are fairly represented and your rights upheld.

Contact Our Orange County, Anaheim Wrongful Termination Lawyer To Get Started On Your Claim

Even if you are not sure whether you have a Wrongful Termination Claim, come talk to our Anaheim, Orange County Wrongful Termination Attorney. We will help you understand your rights and how best to protect them. Call 714-409-8991 or contact us by email to get started. Anaheim Wrongful Termination Lawyers at Eldessouky Law offer evening and Saturday appointments by request, and offer legal services in Arabic and Spanish if needed.

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