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California laws protect the rights of all employees in the state to an inclusive workplace. It is illegal under the law to discriminate against employees or treat them unfairly because of their religion, age, sex or other protected characteristic. Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky is an employment attorney experienced at litigating common workplace violations that employees face in Murrieta, CA. Mr Eldessouky has fought several cases at the Murrietta courthouse helping employees secure justice for the wrongs they have suffered. Any worker who has had their employment rights violated can rely on Eldessouky Law for legal guidance and representation.

Employers are prohibited from maintaining unfair or unsafe workplace conditions in in California, including Murrieta. It is against the law to expose employees to a hostile work environment, discrimination or wage and hour violations. Our employment law firm works incessantly to ensure that workers in this city understand their employment rights and are protected from retaliation and wrongful termination. If you are being mistreated at work in any capacity, talk to our Murrieta discrimination attorney today.

Religious Creed Discrimination in CA

California and federal laws require employers to accommodate the religious beliefs of their workers. Under these laws, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against employees or target them for unfair treatment because of their religious beliefs. Discrimination of this nature can occur in so many circumstances.

For instance, an employer may allow their personal religious beliefs to cloud employment actions at work. They may treat someone working under them unfavorably or unfairly because they share different religious beliefs or simply because they don’t like that religion. Sometimes it can be in the form of unconscious bias or prejudices against a person because of their religion.

No matter how these discriminatory acts occur, California law provides for the rights of employees against such behavior. Workplaces are expected to focus on the employment abilities of workers and concerns that are limited to the workplace. Your religion should not dictate how you are treated at work or how your employers and co-workers view you. If you have been a target of discrimination at work, our Murrieta religious creed discrimination attorney can help.

3 Steps to Fight Religious Creed Discrimination in CA

Due to the fact that discrimination of this nature can be unreasonable, dealing with it can be frustrating. But it is important to remember that there are specific provisions under California and federal law that protect you from negative treatment due to your religion.

If you would like to take steps against the discrimination you have been facing, keep the following in mind:

  • Keep your calm: You are likely frustrated or confused as to the negative treatment you are receiving. While this is understandable, it is important to keep your calm and do not respond in an inflammatory way. This may damage your case later on and give the perpetrators something to hold against you.
  • File a complaint: The next step should be to file a complaint about the negative treatment you are experiencing. Filing a complaint does two things. It documents your concerns and gives your employer an opportunity to correct the treatment against you.
  • Talk to an attorney: Dealing with religious creed discrimination can be difficult, especially when you try to confront it alone. When you speak to an attorney from the start, it makes it easier for you to understand your rights and how to enforce them.

Murrieta Wrongful Termination Attorney

At Eldessouky Law, we proudly represent employees throughout CA, including Murrieta. We routinely fight for employees who have been treated unfairly by their employers and had their employment rights violated.

No employer should target an employee for negative treatment because of their religion or any other characteristic. When they do so, wronged employees can proceed against them for compensation, just as this Murrieta hospital worker who recovered $3.2 million for religious creed discrimination.

Top Employers in Murrieta, CA

With a population of over 103,000 residents, Murrieta is one of the fastest growing cities in CA. The city has ties to larger communities in Orange County, LA County and San Diego County where many of its residents go to work.

Some of the largest employers in Murrieta, CA include:

  • Murrieta Valley Unified School District: 2,267
  • Southwest Healthcare System: 1,612
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center: 1,011
  • County of Riverside: 847
  • Target: 433
  • Oak Grove Institute: 325
  • Walmart: 309
  • Murrieta Health & Rehab Center: 300
  • City of Murrieta: 295
  • Sam’s Club: 209

The size of the company you work for does not exempt them from following the employment laws in California. If you are enduring physical, emotional, psychological injury because of your employment, contact our experienced Murrieta employment attorney today.

Practice Areas in Murrieta, CA: Eldessouky Law

Employment law is our key focus at Eldessouky Law. Our Murrieta discrimination attorney prides himself on providing solutions for employees who are suffering from the instability of an unlawful work environment.

Our practice areas in Murrieta, CA include:

  • Hostile work environment claims, including:
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
  • Wage and hour claims, including:
    • Underpaid regular pay rates
    • Unpaid rest or break times
    • Overtime payment discrepancies
  • Severance terms, agreements, and enforcement procedures
  • Retaliation claims
  • Wrongful termination
  • Disability Discrimination

If you believe your employment rights have been violated in any capacity, our employment law attorney can help. Our focus is on assisting you proceed with a claim against your employer and providing exceptional solutions for retrieving the financial settlement you deserve.

Can I Be Targeted for My Religious Beliefs at Work?

California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act protect employees from discrimination or harassment because of religion. The laws acknowledge that the United States is home to people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Nobody’s beliefs are better than the other and these laws insist that worker’s should only be judged by the work they do, and not their religious beliefs. As a result, it is illegal to target any employee for harassment or discrimination because they hold certain religious beliefs.

FEHA does not only prohibit religious creed discrimination, it also imposes a responsibility on employers to provide reasonable accommodation. They should accommodate their employee’s beliefs so it does not come into conflict with an employment requirement.

For instance, the employer can accommodate a worker’s religious requirement to pray at specific periods of the day or wear certain religious apparel. So long as these accommodations do not cause undue hardship and are reasonable, employers should provide them as much as they can. Soldinger v. Northwest Airlines, Inc. (1996) 51 Cal.App.4th 345, 370 [58 Cal.Rptr.2d 747].

Can I Sue for My Supervisor’s Unlawful Conduct?

Harassment and discrimination are unlawful, no matter who engages in such conduct, whether a co-worker or supervisor. In many cases, supervisors can be especially culpable for these unlawful actions. Under FEHA, a supervisor includes someone who has:

  • The authority to hire other workers, or transfer, promote or discharge them
  • The responsibility to listen to complaints and act on them or recommend action; or
  • The responsibility to supervise work and direct how it is done. California Jury Instructions CACI 2525.

When a supervisor subjects you to discrimination or harassment, you can hold your employer responsible for their actions. This is because a supervisor is deemed to act on behalf of the employer. As a result, your employer will be strictly liable for the supervisor’s actions. Doe v. Capital Cities (1996) 50 Cal.App.4th 1038, 1046 [58 Cal.Rptr.2d 122].

Deciding who has liability for the wrongful actions you have suffered can be complicated in most circumstances. It is always best to immediately consult with an experienced Murrieta discrimination attorney once you suspect you have been victimized.

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