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Employment Lawyer near Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Labor Attorney and Wrongful Termination Lawyer

The California Legislature routinely enacts legislation specifically meant to protect employees all over the State of California. The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency also outlines the various employment laws and statutes that cover employee rights, especially contained in the state’s 29 labor codes. These protections fully cover Hollywood, CA. Eldessouky Law successfully represents employees who suffer from violations of these statutes with a commitment to securing justice for all in the workplace.

No worker in Hollywood or LA county deserves to endure unlawful treatment at work, whether discrimination, unpaid or stolen wages, or lack of access to breaks and meals during the workday. The California employment laws specifically prohibit behavior of this nature and impose an obligation on employers to prevent conditions such as these.

If you are enduring an unlawful experience at work, the Hollywood employment law attorney at Eldessouky Law wants to hear from you today. All California employees are entitled to the expectation of a safe, fair and just workplace environment, and it is our legal obligation to ensure that this is true for everyone.

Economy and Employment in Hollywood, CA

The reputation of Hollywood, CA as the largest entertainment center in the world is unmatched. The extraordinary employment, tourism and entertainment opportunities in this community serve as a beacon to people from all over the world, and this provides impressive money-making opportunities for our workers.

The largest employers in Hollywood, CA include:

  • Kaiser Permanente Hospital: 5,530 employees
  • Paramount Pictures: 5,000 employees
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles: 3,800 employees
  • Universal Studios, Inc.: 3,800 employees
  • Sunset Gower Studios: 3,000 employees

Regardless of their size or global reputation though, all companies in Hollywood are bound to respect the provisions of the California employment laws and uphold the rights of their employees. The size of the company you work for or the reputation of their legal team does not prevent you from enjoying the protection of these laws.

If you are enduring physical, emotional, psychological or financial injury because of your employment, contact our committed Hollywood employment attorney today for help.

Eldessouky Law Practice Areas in Hollywood, CA

At Eldessouky Law, we focus on upholding the employee rights of our clients and providing solutions for employees who are suffering from the instability that comes with an unlawful workplace.

Our employment law practice areas in Hollywood, CA include:

If you are enduring an unlawful situation at work, consisting of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination or retaliation, you have a right to redress. You deserve to work in a safe environment where your rights are upheld throughout your employment. When your employer fails in any capacity, our Hollywood wrongful termination attorney will aggressively pursue them for the damages that result.

Sexual Harassment at Work is Never Justified

Amongst the unlawful conditions that workers are often exposed to, sexual harassment is one of the most difficult, due to its personal nature. Sexual harassment is not only a violation of California employment laws, it is an unfair and unjustified intrusion into the personal space of an employee.

As the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing outlines, sexual harassment occurs when there is any unwanted sexual advance in the workplace. It includes all situations of:

  • Visual intimidation, including use of offensive posters, objects, cartoons, drawings.
  • Verbal abuse, including use of obscene language, demeaning comments or slurs
  • Unwanted sexual advances; or
  • Physical touching or assault by a co-worker or superior at work. California Jury Instructions CACI 2523

There are two main categories of sexual harassment: hostile work environment and quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, when sexual harassment occurs, whether as a result of unlawful behavior by a co-worker or superior, it can create a hostile work environment. In such an environment, the harassment is considered to have become so severe or pervasive that it interferes with the ability of an employee to do their job. Miller v. Dept. of Corrections (2005) 36 Cal.4th 446, 462 [30 Cal.Rptr.3d 797, 115 P.3d77]

The liability on an employer for hostile workplace sexual harassment is strict where the harassment was caused by a superior or co-worker. State Dept. of Health Services v. Superior Court (2003) 31 Cal.4th 1026, 1045 [6 Cal.Rptr.3d 441, 79 P.3d 556].

No employer is expected to maintain a workplace where employees are routinely exposed to unlawful conduct of this nature. If you have been a victim of sexual harassment of this type, you have a right to redress.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment however has a tendency to be even more dangerous. It occurs when an employer make submission to sexual acts or favors a condition of employment or employment benefits. Fisher v. San Pedro Peninsula Hospital (1989) 214 Cal.App.3d 590, 607 [262 Cal.Rptr. 842]

This means if an employer is refusing to hire you or promote you unless you perform certain sexual acts, you may have been exposed to sexual harassment.

Other acts that amount to quid pro quo sexual harassment include:

  • Refusing to recommend an employee for conferences or other career advancement opportunities unless sexual favors are given
  • Making unjustifiably poor performance reviews on account of a rejection of sexual advances
  • Failing to recommend for promotion
  • Refusing to provide discretionary benefits at work because of a refusal of sexual favors

Usually, in determining whether sexual harassment has occurred, courts have regard to the circumstances of the case. If you believe your employer subjected you to adverse or unfavorable employment actions because you rejected their sexual advances, call the sexual harassment lawyer at Eldessouky Law today.

Hostile Environments Due to Age Discrimination

A hostile environment can also be created at work when a superior or your employer targets older workers for termination or undue criticism because of their age. Under California law, workers above 40 are protected from conduct of this nature.

It does not matter whether the conduct arises due to a change in workplace policy or the actions of a single superior. If your supervisor or manager is targeting you unfairly because of your age, contact the age discrimination attorney at Eldessouky Law immediately.

Reach Out to Mohamed Eldessouky for Exceptional Legal Representation

You deserve a workplace free of unlawful conduct such as discrimination or sexual harassment. If your employer is breaking the law, we want to know about it. Call Eldessouky Law today at 714-409-8991 to schedule a free consultation.

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