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Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorney Mohamed Eldessouky of Eldessouky Law is dedicated to helping others understand their rights. Our Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorney law firm helps employees understand their rights and how to protect their rights after being subjected to a hostile work environment. We represent employees in Anaheim and the surrounding areas in Southern California. Hostile work environment issues are complicated. No one deserves to be afraid to go to work. Our Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Lawyers are here to help you through this process.

Discrimination And Harassment Issues in Anaheim and Orange County, CA

A Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment is when a person’s severe conduct impacts an employee’s ability to do his or her job. When a hostile workplace involves the discrimination or harassment of an employee based on his or her race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age or disability, your employer is violating state and federal laws.

It is also illegal to retaliate against an employee after he or she has reported any type of illegal behavior or conduct in the workplace. our  Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorney can also help you file a retaliation claim.

A hostile workplace can interfere with your ability to complete your job duties, which can impact your income as well as cause stress and fear in your personal life.

Our Anaheim Hostile Work Environment lawyer is here to help. We will help you understand your rights and take action to stop this illegal behavior. We know that every case is unique. That is why Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorneys work closely with you to understand the events leading up to any incidences considered hostile.

The Personal Attention You Need And Deserve

We will not rush you through your consultation or take your case just to make money. Our Anaheim, Orange County Hostile Work Environment Attorney truly care about protecting you and your future. Contact us by calling 714-409-8991 for a free case evaluation. Legal services in Spanish and Arabic are available.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

The term hostile work environment is truly a term of art and requires a strong understanding of applicable law to assess whether or not one exists. Being uncomfortable or stressed at work simply isn’t enough. However, if the stress is caused by mistreatment at work because of you being a member of protected class, this may be actionable.

Put differently, if you are being mistreated or discriminated against because of your sex, religion, disability, medical condition, national origin, sexual orientation, or speaking up against working conditions this will may lead to a finding of a hostile work environment.

Under FEHA, it is unlawful to harass an employee because of their age, physical disability, mental disability, age, or any of the other characteristics identified under the statute.  (Govt. Code § 12940(j)(l).) To state a claim for hostile work environment under FEHA, a plaintiff must allege facts demonstrating that (1) he or she is a member of a protected class, (2) he or she was subjected to unwelcome acts, comments, or physical conduct because of the protected characteristic, (3) such conduct was sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the conditions of employment and to create an objectively abusive environment, (4) he or she perceived the conduct abusive, (5) that he or she exhausted their administrative remedies, and (6) that the defendant is liable under the principles of respondeat superior.  (Id.; Lyle v. Warner Bros. Television Productions (2006) 38 Cal.4th 264, 279.)

Who is protected from a Hostile Work Environment in Anaheim and Orange County, CA?

Examples of a Hostile Work Environment

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Unwelcome jokes
  • Favoritism

What do to if you’re suffering from a Hostile Work Environment in Anaheim and Orange County, CA?

Our first and most important piece of advice to all those who believe they are suffering from a workplace environment are to report it a supervisor. If your employer is not made aware of the conduct, it will be extremely difficulty to argue thy failed to prevent it. More so, employers should be given a chance to resolve such occurrences.

In the event that your complaints fall on deaf ears, I’ll be time to consult with an Anaheim employment attorney. During this free consultation our Orange County  Hostile Work Environment lawyer staff will be able to gather all the relevant facts to better assess the strength of your claims and also provide you with guidance on how best to respond.

What should my employer do once I notify them?

Upon learning of your concerns an employer should proceed with an unbiased investigation. Typically these investigations remain confidential but may require the involvement of others employees. An employer’s failure to do so may result in liability for the Failure to Prevent Harassment.

The results of such investigations may be a change in scheduling, discipline, or even the termination of the harasser. As an employee you are entitled to a safe work environment

My Employer conducted an Investigation but nothing was done – what next?

Too often we see weak, unfair, and sometime useless investigations take place at a workplace. This may because your boss is protecting someone, or that there simply isn’t anyone qualified to conduct a workplace investigation. More about workplace investigations can be found here.


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