Sexual Allegations Against Several Powerful Men Surface After Harvey Weinstein

Once the sexual allegations against the movie producer Harvey Weinstein became public news, reports of new accusations on many other powerful men from different industries started emerging rapidly on different platforms.
It soon became the talk of the town as #MeToo stories filled social media platforms. With many famous actresses and actors sharing their own experiences, that put other well-known people from the industry under the spotlight. In light of the situation, companies started to take a closer look at their sexual harassment policies.

Sexual Allegations Against Several Powerful Men Surface After Harvey WeinsteinDown below is the list of powerful men who were accused of sexual misconduct after the sexual allegations against Weinstein were reported.

In early October 2017, several claims of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein, the powerful movie producer, were made. These accusations were made by a number of women; one of them was the actress Ashley Judd.

The accusations said that these incidents had spanned over a period of three decades involving sexual assault and unwelcome physical contact. Over this period of time, Weinstein has made settlements with at least eight of his accusers.

As the story surfaced, new allegations from dozens of other women also emerged claiming that he had sexually assaulted them. Although Weinstein denied all these accusations, his wife left him and he was dismissed from his own company.

Actor Kevin Spacey was also accused by Actor Anthony Rapp of making sexual advances while the two were working together on Broadway in 1986, when Rapp was just a minor. Spacey replied in a tweet that he couldn’t recall such an incident, but apologized and came out as gay. He was criticized for trying to use his sexuality as a cover for his predatory behavior.

Hollywood screenwriter and director, James Toback, was also accused by several women of sexually harassing them during auditions and interviews. More than 300 other women also shared their experiences once they read such allegations, and actresses like Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams also came forth with their own experiences. Toback has denied all these accusations.

Hilarie Burton accused actor Ben Affleck of groping her on a TV show for which he later apologized in a tweet.

An actress also accused the 41st president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, in an Instagram post for touching her inappropriately from behind, for which the President’s spokesperson apologized on his behalf, saying that it wasn’t intentional.

Chris Savino, who was associated with Nickelodeon, was fired after a dozen women accused him of inappropriate behavior. He sincerely apologized to his accusers, claiming that it was never his intention.

The head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, was suspended when Isa Hackett, a producer of several Amazon series, reported an incident where she received inappropriate comments from him at Comic Con 2015.
Celebrity chef, John Besh, stepped down when a dozen female staff members accused him and other male employees of sexually abusing them.

Journalist Mark Halperin was also accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct.

Michael Oreskes, who was a top editor at the time, had to leave NPR after being accused by two female employees of making sexual advancements towards them.

Victim Of Sexual Harassment in Anaheim, Orange County? Get A Free Case EvaluationVox Media’s editorial director Lockhart Steele, was dismissed from the company after he confessed of being involved in unacceptable behavior.

Once Weinstein was reported, it led to a revolutionary movement in the entertainment industry which has allowed hundreds, if not thousands, of women to come forth with their own stories of sexual abuse and harassment.

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