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    Pregnant women are protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and also have rights under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).



    Being fired or let go never feels good, but it is even more disheartening when the termination seemed arbitrary or in retaliation for actions you took to do the right thing.



    The laws surrounding reasonable accommodation are complex and constantly changing both at the federal and state levels. Being able to navigate through this can be extremely burdensome on an employee.



    Hostile Work Environment is when a person's severe conduct impacts an employee's ability to do his or her job. When a hostile workplace involves the discrimination or harassment of an employee based on his or her race


    Wrongful Termination


    Wrongful Termination

    Racial discrimination


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    Disability Discrimination


    Disability Discrimination

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    Severance Agreements


    What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

    When an employer treats a pregnant worker unfavorably because of her pregnancy or related medical conditions, pregnancy discrimination has occurred. The following are some examples of discrimination on the basis of pregnancy:

    • An employer refuses to hire a pregnant applicant who is able to perform the functions of the job.
    • A pregnant worker is fired, demoted or denied a promotion.
    • A pregnant worker's hours or assignments are decreased by her employer.
    • Inappropriate conduct on the part of an employer, including unwanted comments about the pregnancy.
    • Severe discipline by an employer in response to requests for pregnancy-related medical appointment leave.
    an internal appeal. Our disability attorneys are well trained and educated so that they can more effectively ensure that your appeals process goes according to plan.

    Pregnancy Discrimination Defined

    Because pregnant women are considered a federally protected class, employers may not use pregnancy as a reason for any of the following:

    • Refusing to hire a potential employee
    • Firing a pregnant employee while on medical leave
    • Demoting a pregnant employee
    • Insisting on forced time off for a pregnant employee
    • Denying reasonable accommodations to major job functions for pregnant employees
    • Refusing to allow medical accommodations for employees who are pregnant

    Many aspects of how these laws play out in the workplace are not crystal clear, so it makes sense to consult with an employment law attorney if a specific pregnancy-related question concerns you or cannot be answered through your HR department. Our firm's lawyer will examine your specific circumstances and provide suggestions tailored to your situation.


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    The service at Eldessouky Law is customized and personal. You will not be a number at Eldessouky LAW. Instead, you call the shots. If you want to be involved every step of the way, that's what our long term disability attorney will do. If you want to leave it all to us, again, that is what we will do. Our goal is to obtain all of the benefits to which you are entitled. But equally as important, we want to make the process as easy and stress free for you as possible.

    We understand that communication is important. Therefore, we will promptly return telephone calls and keep you informed of all developments in your case. We also maintain a secure personal portal for each of our clients, where you will have 24/7 access to all the papers we send out, and all the papers we receive.

    The vast majority of the claims we submit on behalf of our clients obtain approval. However, in the unlikely event yours does not, we will have comprehensively prepared your claim. So it already will be ready for


    At Eldessouky Law, our employment attorney's focus on Employment, labor law, and Personal Injury in Anaheim, Orange County, Long Beach and all surrounding cities in California. Our employment lawyers are devoted to fulfilling a legal need where challenges exist in the workplace.

    California employment laws exist to protect our residents, and our Employment and labor attorney in LA and Orange Counties, CA will safeguard your rights and ensure your employer is held responsible for breaching those protections. Mohamed Eldessouky focuses on relieving the stress employees feel when they lose their jobs unlawfully or are suffering from hardships at work. Our employment attorney has firsthand experience in both wrongful termination and guiding relatives through discriminatory challenges by their employers or coworkers.


    California Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

    Pregnant women are protected from employment discrimination by federal law. California offers additional state-level protections related to pregnancy.

    Women who are pregnant may face problems at work when they announce their pregnancy and/or when they seek leave during their pregnancy or after the birth of their child, or when they return to work or attempt to return. Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and regulate pregnancy related leave.

    Determining whether to pursue a legal claim is an important decision. You should be aware of your rights and prepared to take action if your rights are violated. Eldessouky Law offers free initial consultations, and we will take the time necessary to understand your situation and concerns.

    Our firm is ready to fight any type of employment discrimination, including pregnancy discrimination. If you have been treated unfairly because of a pregnancy, that is a violation of state and federal law. Our experienced discrimination lawyers are here to help you seek justice.

    At the Eldessouky Law, our attorneys know that laws prohibiting pregnancy discrimination do not always deter employers from treating pregnant employees and job candidates differently from their non-pregnant counterparts. We have experience fighting for the civil rights of working mothers, and we are motivated to hold accountable those employers who fail to honor their legal obligations.

    And we have secured large settlements for our clients from prominent California employers that failed to treat pregnant employees equally.


    How a Disability Attorney Can Help Win Your Disability Claim

    The thought of leaving your career and relying on disability to support your family makes you queasy. One look at the disability paperwork makes your head spin. We understand. You want someone you can rely on to come in, take charge of the situation, and just get it done. What's more, you want individualized attention and first class service.

    Eldessouky Law, a firm of disability attorneys based in California, has been "getting it done" for professionals and executive clients for over 25 years. We are successful 95% of the time with the disability claims we handle, and focus on providing each client first class customer service. We are routinely given 5-star reviews by our clients.

    Here's how we will do it. Our attorneys will tackle your unique case with a proven approach to bypass an insurance company's roadblocks and protect your financial future.

    With your input, we'll implement a personalized strategy to file the strongest claim possible on your behalf. We'll take it from there so you can rest easy.

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