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Hire an Attorney to Sue Employer for Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environments can be defined in different ways, but have similar situations and effects on employees. It refers to a work environment that causes suffering from physical and mental health issues, strikes terror, or results in decreased job satisfaction.
Hire an Attorney to Sue Employer for Hostile Work Environment If you have to deal with challenges to complete a task, or feel pressured by the deadlines to finish a project, that’s just regular workplace stress.

But if you feel physical dread before going to work every morning, have this fear of being fired for not being able to achieve a goal within an impossible deadline, or trying to suppress your anxiety with the help of drugs and alcohol, this isn’t considered just normal stress.

If your job is emotionally disturbing and is affecting your health physically, you might be subject to a hostile work environment. Under such circumstances, you have the right to sue your employer. You can seek legal assistance from a professional to help you file the case.

Criteria for a Hostile Work Environment

If your situation meets any of the following criteria, you can sue your employer for a hostile work environment:

  • Actions or behaviors that discriminate against protected classes, which include age, sex, race, religion, or disability.

  • The actions occur on a consistent basis over a long period of time.

  • Despite the issue being considerable and complaining to the employer and/or human resources, the issue wasn’t resolved.

  • The action must be a cause of disruption of work or hindrance in career progress.

  • The employer was aware of the actions and behaviors and did not make sufficient effort to resolve it.

The action or behavior that qualifies your situation as a hostile work environment can be attributed to a coworker or the employer.

Stress in the Workplace

Workplace stress can be caused due to a conflict that might result in emotional or physical stress. It could be due to a single event or a series of stressful situations where the worker has little or no control over the situation.

An employee fearing to lose their position when unable to meet unrealistic deadlines, demanded to work overtime by employer due to low staff, feeling stressed to complete more work without any incentive, feeling unsafe working in the office, having strained relationship with the supervisor, or getting harassed or discriminated against points towards a hostile work environment.

Lawyer for Hostile Work Environment

If you feel that your situation qualifies as a hostile work environment, you should get in touch with a law firm. Explain your situation in detail to a professional lawyer so that they can guide on you how to move forward with the case.

They can tell you whether or not your situation qualifies as a hostile work environment. An expert attorney can help you understand the laws under which you can file a lawsuit against your employer for a hostile work environment.

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