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Many people choose to have pets in their life. It’s easy to see the benefits of a fluffy friend, however, we are not always able to control a pet’s personality. While dogs can be great companions at times, there are also times when dogs are less than friendly and can bite people. If you have sustained an injury from a dog bite, you may be eligible to file a law suit. Depending on the severity of the bite, it’s possible you had to deal with hospital bills and other medical expenses as well as emotional trauma. If someone else’s dog bit you, you will want to speak with one of our dog-bite lawyers in Pico-Rivera to see what kind of legal action you should take.

What is dog-bite law?

In California’s Civil Code section 3342, it is stated that any owner of a dog that bites someone in public or legally private, is liable for the damages caused by the bite. There are exceptions regarding police and military dogs. While the law strictly applies to dog bites and not other damages caused by dogs, you may still have a personal injury case if an owner’s negligence was what resulted in an injury caused by the dog. There are a two kinds of dog bite laws that states usually adhere to: strict liability or negligence. California is a strict liability state, meaning regardless of whether or not the dog has bitten before or if the owner was unaware that the dog was capable of biting, the owner is liable. All that need to prove in a dog-bite case is that you were bitten by someone’s dog while in public or legally on private property. Defendant’s may try to use trespassing or provocation as a defense, and that’s why it’s important for a lawyer to help you with your case. Our skilled dog-bite attorneys at ELDESSOUKY LAW will be able to do build a strong case for you and help you gain maximum compensation for your losses. California’s statute of limitations for dog-bite cases is two years. If you file a claim after two years, you will most likely get your case thrown out. Do not hesitate to call our office at 714-409-8991 to get started on a dog-bite lawsuit today.

California law also goes further by making owners responsible for taking reasonable steps to remove danger of future attacks if the dog has bitten before. Courts may order for the dog to be removed from the area or terminated. Anyone is allowed to file a lawsuit against an owner if the dog has a history of biting. If California law enforcement finds a dog dangerous, they can file a petition for a hearing where a court may decide an owner must take steps to secure the dog such as keeping them indoors or in a fenced yard. If you have more questions regarding the specific laws around dangerous dogs, you can call our office and one of our Pico Rivera dog-bite attorneys will be happy to answer them.

What type of compensation is covered in a dog-bite claim?

In a successful dog-bite suit, there are two types of damages you may be able to recover. Non-economic damages are the pain and suffering, mental damage, humiliation of scars, loss of quality of life and other psychological effects. Economic damages, on the other hand, cover financial losses such as medical bills, cost of transportation for medical reasons, treatment, and so on. A skilled lawyer is needed in order to prove the full costs of all these kinds of damages. The amount recovered will depend on a lawyer’s ability to prove the severity of the injury and the severity of the damages that resulted from the bite. Our lawyers in Pico Rivera will be able to gather together all the evidence needed, such as medical bills, medical records, and written letters from employers in order to bring forth a strong case that can win you the highest amount of recovery possible.

Why our firm stands out

ELDESSOUKY LAW is your best choice when pursing a dog-bite case because we have years of experience in kinds of personal injury lawsuits. Our Pico Rivera lawyers are passionate about helping victims find redemption. We see past just the financial losses in a dog-bite case, and work our hardest to provide emotional support for those that have been injured. If you have been bitten by a dog, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our dog-bite attorneys. You will be able to get all your questions answered and be given expert legal advice. We will gladly take on your case free of charge. Our zero fee guarantee means that you do not owe any upfront fees, and you will only be charged a small fee if we win your case. Do not let a dog-bite ruin your life; let our lawyers help you get back on track.


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