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A semi truck crushed my car, what do I do?

A semi truck crushed my car, what do I do?

Truck accidents are scary not only because of the size of trucks and their massiveness, but also the kind of power a truck company may have over an individual. Our skilled lawyers at Eldessouky Law wants to protect you from truck companies if you have been in a truck accident. With some of the worst traffic and highest rates of accidents in the country, it’s imperative to know your rights if you’ve been in a truck accident. Truck accidents can have major affects on one’s life. Serious injuries can occur that may have an affect on one’s work, family, and social life as well as their bank accounts. With so much at stake to be lost, finding a skilled lawyer should not be taken lightly. Eldessouky Law has truck-accident lawyers who know all about California laws regarding truck drivers and who are ready to help you.

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, there are certain steps you should take. Immediately after the accident it’s vital that you…

    • Stay at the scene
    • Check on all drivers and passengers
    • Call the police
    • Exchange information
    • Talk to witnesses
    • Inform your insurance company
    • Keep track of medical treatment
  • Take pictures

It’s important to document everything and keep copies of all your medical bills and treatments so that you can later refer to these when seeking compensation. Taking pictures after a crash is the best way of preserving evidence from the scene. The more information you can provide, the stronger your case will be. This, combined with the skills of our Paramount truck accident attorneys will make for higher compensation. Get in contact with out office at 714-409-8991 today in order to receive free consultation.

Should someone call the police if they’ve been involved in a truck accident?

If someone told you no to contact police after a truck accident, do not listen to them. If you were involved in a truck accident, you must call the police so that they can file a report. Police need to do this because under California law, driver are liable for damages to roads or bridges. An accident report will also help you prove liability of drivers or employers in a truck accident lawsuit. There are state and federal regulations that surrounding the hiring of commercial truck drivers. It’s possible a truck company may be found negligent in hiring their drivers. You will have the best chances in proving negligence and liability through the help of our Paramount truck accidents lawyers. You will also want to make sure you keep any police report documentation you’re given, and be ready to supply these documents to a lawyer. The more information you have from the accident, the better.

What are the most common reasons truck accidents occur?

When a truck driver is at fault in an accident, the most common reasons these accidents occur are because of inadequate training, compensations that promotes faster driving, and unrealistic schedules and expectations. These can usually be seen as negligence on behalf of the truck companies, which will make for a stronger case. This also applies to a case where the driver was affected by driver fatigue. If you were in a truck-accident, our skilled Paramount attorneys will be able to prove negligence on behalf of the driver or the company, and help you win your lawsuit. Such a catastrophic event should not be chalked up to just little mistakes. Companies need to be reprimanded for their lack of care when it comes to other drivers on the road. Our lawyers will make sure truck companies do not overpower you as an individual on the road because your safety is just as important as anyone else’s.

Why we stand out

If you win a truck-accident lawsuit, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills and other financial and emotional losses. These compensations are based on economic and non-economic damages that were a result of the accident. Eldessouky Law will connect you with a lawyer who will be able to clearly explain your rights and what legal steps you need to take for your personal situation. This is why our company stands out from the rest; we take the time to look at each individual case and the evidence surrounding it, in order to provide you with the best advice on how to continue. Call our office to schedule your free consultation so that you can get started on finding some redemption from such a traumatic experience. Finances should not be an issue because we will take on your case free of charge. You deserve to be represented without having to deal with monetary stress. We only ask for a small fee if your case is won. It’s time to start making the road a little bit safer by punishing those who are dangerous.

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