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Dog’s are man’s best friend, right? Well, you may not whole heartedly believe this if you have been injured from a dog bite. Dog’s can be great furry companions, but that does not mean there aren’t aggressive dogs out there who can really injury people with their bites. California is the number one state for dog bites in the nation. California takes up about 14% of all dog bites in the country each year. If you have fallen victim to the viciousness of a dog bite, then you may be eligible to collect compensation for the damages you have suffered. Contact our Eldessouky Law at 714-409-8991 to speak to one of our dog bite attorneys serving Norwalk, California.

What is dog-bite law?

In California, there is a strict-liability law for dog bites. This means that the owner of the dog who bites someone is liable for that person’s injuries, regardless of if they were aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior or if the dog has no other history of biting. For the most part, this is good for you if you are a victim of a dog-bite because essentially, you will only need to prove that you were bitten, and that it happened either on public property or if you were legally on private property. California law also requires dogs who have bitten to be quarantined for 10 days. The dog can be ordered to be euthanized if they have bitten a person on at least two separate occasions, or if a dog was trained to kill or attack someone.

Why would a lawyer be needed in a dog-bite case?

Although it may seem easy to prove a dog-bite case, there a few defenses that may come up, which you will want a lawyer to help you handle. The defense may claim that your were trespassing on private property, you provoked the dog, the dog was protecting its owner, or a dog was a military or police dog that was following orders. If these defenses come up, one of our skilled dog-bite lawyers will know how to best handle these situations. Also, California dog-bite law is specifically for dog-bites, not other injuries sustained from a dog attack. If you were injured in a different way because of a dog, you will have to follow the same principles as a proving a personal injury case. Our lawyers are well-versed in these laws as well and will be able to represent you in a lawsuit.

What type of compensation is covered in a dog-bite claim?

Most of the time, dog-bite cases will recover you for compensatory damages. These include:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical or vocational therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Least earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring
  • Loss of the use of a limb

In a small amount of cases, you may be able to sue for punitive damages as well. While you are not required to file a police report, this may help you recover punitive damages. If a police investigation finds the dog to be especially dangerous, this could help your case. Punitive damages are awarded to those if they are victim of someone’s particularly bad behavior. To win punitive damages you will have to successfully prove that the defendant’s actions amounted to oppression, fraud, or malice. If you seek punitive damages as well as compensatory, you will have much better luck if you get help from one of Eldessouky Law’s dog-bite lawyers. And in general, you will have better luck revering higher amounts of compensatory damages through the help of one of our experienced attorneys.

What does Eldessouky Law do to stand out from other firms in representing your clients in their dog-bite cases?

Eldessouky Law is different than other law firms in California because we take a very personalized approach to each case that comes to us. Getting bit by a dog can be especially traumatizing and we make sure all our clients are taken care of. We prioritize your well-being over anything else. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we offer free consultations. This way, you can get great legal advice free of charge. We will also take on your case and represent you for no upfront fees. If we can’t win your case, you will still no owe us anything. We want your experience with Eldessouky Law to be a positive one, that’s why we don’t want to make finances an issue. If you have bitten by a dog, you are probably already suffering a lot from injuries and emotions. Our goal is to ease the stress and make things easier for you while we fight to get you compensation for your losses. If you’re ready to get your life back on track and find redemption through the legal system, it’s time for you to reach out to Eldessouky Law today.


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