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Dog Bite

Are you a dog lover? It is safe to assume that the majority of people enjoy dogs – after all, they are loyal and playful creatures. Without a doubt, dogs can be very pleasant animals; however, they have animals – and their animal instincts will always be present regardless of the extent of training that they receive. Some dogs can be more aggressive than others. The majority of dogs show aggression only under certain circumstances, such as circumstances that make them feel scared or threatened. The main form of aggression from dogs comes in the form of bites.

Did you suffer a dog bite? Were you suddenly attacked by a dog? Did you suffer a dog bite injury due to the reckless actions of a dog owner? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is essential that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible – as you might have grounds to pursue a claim. If you are in need of legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact Eldessouky Law.

About Dog Bite Law

Preparing for a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit
Do you have the right to pursue a dog bite lawsuit? To understand your right to pursue a dog bite lawsuit after experiencing a dog bite, you must be familiar with dog bite law. In general, dog bite law can be separated into the following categories:

  • Dog bite statute – a dog bite statute automatically makes dog owners liable for any harm caused by their dogs as long as their dogs bite unprovoked.
  • One-bite rule – the one-bite rule makes dog owners liable for any harm caused by their dogs given that they had the awareness that their dogs could be dangerous and bite.
  • General negligence – general negligence establishes that dog owners could be liable for any dog bite injuries caused by their dogs given that the dog owner’s recklessness or negligence contributed to the dog attack and the dog bite.

What is California’s dog bite law? Based on California laws, dog owners are liable for any dog bites given that the bite occurred while the victim was either lawfully in a private area or in a public space. Are you still unsure about dog bite law and your right to take action after being bitten by a dog? If so, you should seek legal assistance.

Could You Recover Compensation?

You were bitten by the dog. You are interested in suing the dog owner. Could you recover monetary compensation? What type of compensation is covered in a dog-bite claim? The specific type and amount of compensation that you could recover for a dog bite injury claim will always depend on the details of your claim. You could recover compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, pain/suffering, and property damage, for instance. Although this compensation that you could recover will not reverse the harm that you suffered, it could help you and your family move forward with your life after such a traumatic experience.

Preparing for a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit

Dog Bite Lawyers Serving Carson, CAWhat type of information will you have to gather to prepare to talk to a lawyer to discuss your claim? To gather the appropriate information to eventually pursue a dog bite injury claim, you should consider the following:

  • Gather any information on the exact details of your dog bite injury (location, date, and time, for example)
  • Collect the dog owner’s name and insurance information
  • Take photos of your dog bite injuries
  • Take photos of the dog that attacked you (if it is impossible to take a photo of the dog, take note of the dog’s description)
  • Gather all medical records and medical bills

Once you’ve gathered all the information above, you will be prepared to speak with an attorney regarding your dog bite incident. An experienced attorney will be able to provide you with the guidance that you need to learn more about your right to take action against the dog owner after you suffered a dog bite.

Contact Our Law Firm

If you suffered a dog bite, it is important that you know that you could trust the dog bite lawyers in Carson at Eldessouky Law. How do we stand out from all other firms that might claim to be able to represent you? Our experts have many years of experience handling dog bite injury claims and fighting for the rights of innocent dog bite victims. We have successfully handled a number of dog bite injury claims and have helped our clients recover the compensation that they deserve. We are committed to providing you with all the information necessary to reach a successful claim outcome. We will do everything within our reach to represent you and ensure that the dog owner is held accountable for your dog bite injury. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of filing a dog bite injury claim with our lawyers, contact our law firm.

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