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Employment Lawyer near Northridge, CA

Eldessouky Law serving near Northridge, CA provides committed legal representation to employees throughout Northridge, CA and all over the State of California. It is important to our employment law attorney that when questions arise about the legality of their conditions of employment or circumstances at work, Northridge workers have a trusted resource for help.

The California Labor & Workforce Development Agency outlines the California Constitutions and Statutes, including the 29 codes that govern employment law in the state. While most California companies abide by these laws and respect the rights of employees by providing a safe workplace for all, some employers fail in this obligation. This leaves their employees to stand up for themselves by pursuing their rights through our law firm.

Northridge employment lawyer, Mohamed Eldessouky, specializes in protecting employees from workplace disruptions that interfere with their emotional and financial well-being.

As legal professionals, our Northridge employment attorney enforces the California employment laws and sees to it that employee rights are respected throughout this community. Our success in providing solutions for our clients is unmatched and we will continue to pursue justice for all.

Economy and Top Employers in Northridge, CA

The Northridge, CA economy is underpinned by the activities and existence of the California State University which is a major contributor to this community. Injecting between $663 million and $686 million annually into the local economy, the university also adds more than 11,000 jobs into the city’s economy.

In addition to the university, some of the largest employers in Northridge, CA include the following:

  • California State University
  • Regal Medical Group
  • Pharmavite LLC
  • Dignity Health
  • Holman Group
  • Macy’s

No matter their impact on the local economy though, all these employers are held to the same standard. They have an obligation to respect the rights of workers as guaranteed under California laws and when they fail in these obligations, they can be held responsible for the emotional or financial harm that results.

Practice Areas in Northridge, CA: Eldessouky Law

At Eldessouky Law, we provide the legal assistance that employees need to stand up to employers perpetrating or encouraging unlawful conduct in the workplace. We focus on protecting the employee rights of our clients and ensuring that when these rights are violated, we are there to hold the responsible individuals accountable.

Our employment law practice areas in Northridge, CA include:

It does not matter what kind of unlawful situation you are facing at work. If your employer is breaking the law or subjecting you to conduct that interferes with your employee rights, we want to hear your story. We will help you pursue them aggressively for the harm you have suffered.

Combating Widespread Sexual Favoritism at Work

As explained by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, an employee can file a claim against an employer complaining of sexual favoritism at work.

Sexual harassment and favoritism cases are, unfortunately, very common in LA county. Several city and county officials, including a former Northridge councilman, have been embroiled in these claims.

Sexual favoritism occurs when some employees receive preferential treatment with regard to employment benefits because they have a sexual relationship with an employer or a supervisor.

When other employees believe they can obtain favorable treatment on the basis of romantic involvement with a superior, they not only compromise the fairness of the work environment but create a hostile work environment as a result. This is especially the case where the conduct has become severe or pervasive. Miller v. Dept. of Corrections (2005) 36 Cal.4th 446, 466 [30 Cal.Rptr.3d 797, 115 P.3d 77]

This does not mean that every instance of a romantic relationship between employee and employer is actionable as sexual favoritism. A mere romantic relationship without more cannot give rise to a claim. Proksel v. Gattis (1996) 41 Cal.App.4th 1626, 1631 [49 Cal.Rptr.2d 322]

To ground a claim for widespread sexual favoritism, an aggrieved employee will be required to prove that:

  • He or she was an employee in the defendant’s office or had some other covered relationship with the defendant employer
  • There was sexual favoritism in the work environment
  • The sexual favoritism was widespread and also severe or pervasive
  • A reasonable person in his or her circumstances would have considered the workplace to be hostile
  • He or she believed the work environment to have become hostile or abusive due to the sexual favoritism
  • A supervisor or the employer engaged in sexual favoritism or knew about this and failed to take appropriate action
  • He or she was harmed; and
  • The harm was substantially caused by the unlawful conduct. California Jury Instructions CACI 2521c

What kind of conduct amounts to severe or pervasive conduct? Previously, the standard used to be that conduct of this nature must be repeated, generalized or at the very least, should not be sporadic or intermittent.

However, since the enactment of California Government Code 12923 even a single incident of sexual favoritism may be considered severe or pervasive.

As is usually the case with these situations, the circumstances are often treated on a case by case basis. This is why if there are conditions at your place of employment that lead you to suspect sexual favoritism, it is important to contact a hostile work environment attorney immediately.

Talk to Our Employment Law Attorney in Northridge, CA Today

When you contact us at Eldessouky Law, we will focus on understanding the circumstances of your case to determine how your rights were breached and by whom. When this is established, we will turn all our resources towards helping you pursue the responsible parties and holding them accountable for the wrong they have caused you.

To get started on enforcing your workplace rights, contact the employment law attorney in Northridge, CA at Eldessouky Law today at 714-409-8991 to schedule a free consultation.

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