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Have you been in a bicycle accident?

Biking on the street can serve many purposes. Some use it as their mode of transportation, some do it for leisure, and some do it to stay in shape. However, there are certain risks we take every day when we get on our bike. Unlike cars, in a bike we are not protected by airbags, doors, padding, and more. As bikers we are vulnerable and even more vulnerable when we share the street with unlawful or careless drivers. Living in California, we experience some of the highest rates of bicycle accidents in the country. If you have been in a bicycle accidents, you need to get in contact with one of our bicycle accidents lawyers serving Downey, California.

What rights do cyclists have?

For the most part, bicyclists in California must follow the same rules as drivers on the road, however there are a few specific laws for cyclists. The California Vehicle Code states that bicyclists must stay as far to the right on the road as they can. The exceptions to this are when a bicyclists is passing, preparing for a left turn, avoiding hazards, if the lane is too narrow to share, or if you are approaching a place where a right turn is authorized. This is called taking the lane, and not all vehicle drivers understand these rules. If you a bicyclist and your accident was caused from a driver’s lack of understanding of how road sharing works with bicyclists, then you will want to call our firm at 714-409-8991.

If there is a marked bike lane, bicyclists must use the lane if they are travelling slower than traffic. Bicyclists are also supposed to travel in the same direction as traffic. Similar exceptions as the ones stated earlier apply to these rules. A few other rules that apply to bicyclists are that they cannot ride on freeways, no one can stop or park on a bicycle path, and counties and cities determine if you can ride on the sidewalk. If you have more questions on the rules and your rights as a bicyclist, contact one of our bicycle accident attorneys to get all your questions answered.

What are the common causes of bicycle accidents in California?

There are only six states that account for 50% of bicycle fatalities. California is included in this list. In 2012, California had the highest number of cyclists killed. Clearly, California can be a dangerous state for bicyclists. Here are some common causes of bicycle accidents in California include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk or under the influence driving
  • Opening doors in front of bicyclists
  • Design defects
  • Poor visibility
  • Right and left turn intersections

If you have been involved in an accident due to these situations or anything similar, you will want to seek help from one of our attorneys. It’s important to get help from a lawyer when pursuing a bike accident lawsuit because they know all about bikers’ rights and how to advocated for you in a convincing way that win will you maximum compensation.

Why would you choose Eldessouky Law?

Eldessouky Law knows that once you have been in a bicycle accident the other individual’s insurance company may try to settle for as small amount as possible. To take on an insurance company you will need help from a very talented bicycle accident lawyer. This way, you may be able to recover damages for physical injuries, bicycle damages, lost wages, medical bills, and much more. You will also have better chances of getting more recovered if you can document as much as possible at the scene. If you are able to, you will want to take photos of the accident, the location, your property damages, get information from everyone involved, and save all documents related to medical bills. The more you can provide at your initial consultation, the better.

If a family member has been killed in a bicycle accident, our lawyers already have many years of experience in wrongful death cases and will be able to prove negligence on behalf of the driver that killed your loved on. If you are the spouse or child of a victim of a bicycle accident fatality, you cannot sure for personal injury, but you can take on a wrongful death claim, which one of our lawyers can help you with as well.

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