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Need a dog bite lawyer in Commerce, California?

Need a dog bite lawyer in Commerce, California?

Getting bit by a dog can be extremely traumatic. Not only can it have altering physical effects on you, but it may have an impact emotionally and psychologically. Dog bite cases are not to be taken lightly, and that is why California has very strict laws on dog bites. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you need to protect yourself legally, and make sure that you are compensated for your damages. One of our skilled dog bite lawyers at Eldessouky Law will ensure that you are taken care of and that you can easily get on the path to recovery.

What are dog bite laws in California?

Like it was mentioned before, California has very strict dog bite laws. This means that the owner is held liable for any injuries caused by their dog’s bite even if the dog has never bitten before or if the owner did nothing wrong. Unlike other personal injury cases, you will not have to prove negligence by the owner. But it is important to know that if you were injured in a different way by a dog, then you will have to prove negligence for a non dog bite case. This is different than other states because some states have a one bite rule which means that the owner is only liable if the dog has bitten someone before or if it has displayed violent tendencies in the past. California also has the most dog bite claims in the US. But that does not mean everyone is represented by the best dog bite lawyers. While it may seem easy to prove a dog bite case, you will still want an experience dog bite attorney to help you because of the several defenses that may come up.

Why do I need an attorney for a dog bite case?

If you have a dog bite case, the defense may try to claim a few things against you. Some examples are that, you were trespassing on private property, that you provoked the dog, or that the dog was acting out military or police orders. This is why getting a lawyer will help you fight against any of these claims. A lawyer will also be able to build you a strong case by proving the necessary element of a dog bite case which are that you were bitten by a dog and sustained injuries and that you were bitten while on public property or legally on private property.

Furthermore, if you still have some reservations for getting help from a lawyer, it may be helpful to know that if a dog has bitten before, then the owner owes an extra duty of care where they must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of other from their dog. Also, the dog will be quarantined for at least 10 days. Under certain circumstances, a dog may be ordered to be euthanized. This happens if:

  • A dog has bitten a person on at least two separate occasions
  • The dog was trained to fight, attack, or kill someone

If you have been bit by a dog, it’s time to seek help from one of our experienced dog bite lawyers here at Eldessouky law.

What kind of compensation can I get from a dog bite case?

If you have been bit by a dog, a dog bite case may lead to compensatory damages. Some examples of these are recovery for:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical or vocational therapy
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Scarring
  • Loss of the use of a limb

In a small amount of cases, you may also be able to receive recovery for punitive damages. This is when someone has acted especially malicious. Our lawyers will be able to determine the kind of compensation you can get for your case. It’s also important to know that If a family member was killed by a dog bite, then you will want to pursue a wrongful death case where you can receive compensation for the loss of a relative. The lawyers at our firm can also help you with this kind of case as well.

Why does Eldessouky Law stand out from other firms?

Eldessouky Law is different than other firms because we do not take money from you initially. You can call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers for free. We will not charge you to get great legal advice. We also will not charge you to represent you in a dog bite case. The only time we ask for money is if we win your case, then we ask for a small fee. Our firm also stands out because of the fact that we take an individualized approach to every single case that is presented to us. In dog bite cases, you may have been severely injured mentally and physically. Our goal is to help you regain confidence by winning a case and receiving the compensation that you deserve.


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