Posted April 20, 2020

Can My Work Legally Fire Me For Having Health Issues?

In many states, employers can fire employees at-will if they have frequent absences from work, and most employers have attendance requirements included in their employee handbook. If the attendance criteria is clearly indicated in the employee requirements, then you can be terminated for calling in sick and not showing up. There are situations in which […]

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Posted April 10, 2020

To Whom Do Anti-Discrimination Laws Apply?

Workplace discrimination is, unfortunately, very common. Employment discrimination takes many forms and can look different from case to case. Due to a number of reasons, including the lack of access to the necessary information, many employees who are subject to workplace discrimination simply take it – they allow themselves to be mistreated and do nothing […]

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The First Steps to Take After Being Wrongfully Terminated

Have you experienced poor treatment in your place of work? Were you suddenly terminated without a valid reason directly related to your work performance and/or your ability to perform your job? If so, you might have been wrongfully terminated. Depending on the details surrounding your termination, you may have grounds to take legal action against […]

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